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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by kat79, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. kat79

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    Dec 2, 2011


    back in the day when we had DirectTv we had TiVo which we loved. We would up wanting a package deal and headed off to our local cable company. In the last two years we've had Verizon FIOS. Love the FIOS, HATE their DVR. We've had 4 units in the last year each one with different issues, mostly dragging live programming.

    We just put a replacement unit in this morning and the darn thing didn't record anything we set it up for. Final straw. Tried to get tech service, too much automated garbage, then on hold forever for a tech so got mad and called customer service. As I was asking about a different DVR box they had I said how much I loved having our TiVo. Rep said I can still have it. YIPPEE!!!

    This is where I need suggestions. I haven't looked for our old box yet as I can't remember if it was a stand alone unit or was with the DirectTV stb. So I may be able to re-use.

    My set up right now is the DVR from Verizon in one room and I have a Verizon STB in our bedroom with the capabilities to watch recorded programs on the DVR in our living room.

    I've looked at both the $99 model and the $299 model. The $99 model would really do the trick for us as the other model is just too much storage. I'm the only one that watches HD programming, the hubby likes old tv shows, movies. It's not a make or break for me to be able to watch recorded programs in our bedroom as I generally watch on the large TV in our living room. When I read the specs on both units it showed being able to watch recorded programs on other sets. Does this work through your router?? Or through the TiVo unit?

    I'd love to return the bedroom box period to Verizon. I tried to hook directly to the TV and do a digital search but I wind up needing 8 digit numbers to bring up a local channel which is a pain. I can at least exchange this box for a basic, bare bones one for less rental per month.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Joe01880

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    Feb 8, 2009
    First, the DirecTV tivo box is not going to work with FIOS at any level.

    Next, one can never have to much storage..PERIOD. That said...

    There are 4 TiVo Options for HD use with FiOS, all will require renting a cable card from FiOS @ 3.99 a month.

    Option 1, A Series 3 TiVO it will require 2 cable cards and is the oldest option for use with HD. It has 2 tuners but users report it very reliable.

    2. TiVo HD, works on the Series 3 platform and only requires 1 cable card for use with 2 tuners. They can be purchased reasonably on ebay with Lifetime service. They are also older tech compared to the next 2.

    3. The TiVo Premiere about a year old, many of its bugs worked out but is basicly a TiVo HD with HD menus that some people love and some people dont use at all. It has potential as TiVo is updating it, mine works fine but so does my TiVo HD. It will require 1 cable card to operate 2 tuners.

    Last, the TiVo Elite. Its a TiVo Premiere with 4 tuners and 2tb of storage space. Its new, just out a few weeks. Some folks report it runs great, others that its buggy. Its pricey and will still need a service plan of some type as do all TiVo's and a cable card. I cant speak to how it works on a personal level but Im looking at it myself. Im just waiting for the price to come down and bugs to be addressed.

    I hope some of that helps. Also being a FiOS customer i can tell you TiVo works great with FiOS. The TiVo's will not get Verizons On Demand..keep that in mind.
  3. kat79

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    Dec 2, 2011

    We never watch anything on demand so no factor with that.

    I'd love to eliminate having that second box from Verizon with the bedroom TV (2 year old Vizio) but, like I said, when I hooked it directly to the FIOS cable and did a digital search, it was six or 8 digit numbers corresponding with the HD channels (like ABC, NBC, etc.)

    We might have to sit back for a month or two and see if this higher priced TiVo comes down in price. Sounds like that's the way to go.
  4. lillevig

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    Dec 6, 2010
    Marion, Iowa
    As Joe said, you have several options. I'm thinking you could probably get two S3HD units (the 160 GB ones) for less than a four tuner Elite model. Last I saw, the eBay price was about $300 for an S3HD with lifetime. Something else to keep in mind is that you can transfer shows from one Tivo to another via your network and can also transfer shows to your PC. We have an S3HD in one room and a Premiere in another room to give us the four tuners we need, but then transfer shows to whichever spot we want to watch.

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