Need help selecting a video card for my Dell Optiplex 760

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    I record HD content on Tivo premiere and archive it on my hard drive. I need a video card for my PC that will work well for my situation. Here is my info....

    Dell 760 Optiplex
    E8400 intel dual core(core 2 duo)
    processor speed 3.0
    FSB 1333
    small form factor
    4 gigs of ram
    Windows 7
    expansion slots: 1 low-profile PCIe x16 and 1 low-profile PCI
    power supply 235 watts
    my budget(hope to stay $100 or less)

    full specs for this PC here----->

    Hello. A few years ago I purchased a Radeon HD 4550 graphics card for an old Dell that I have. It has worked great. Here is the item I got before that I have been happy with, FYI. It went into a Dell Small form factor as well(Dell Optiplex GX 280)

    I would like to purchase something similar(but better) for a Dell system that I just purchased(specs above).

    Here are the things that I want
    - HDMI output
    - DVI output
    - ability to play high bit rate files(such as blu ray) in picture perfect quality
    - ability to do editing on video files recorded in high definition.

    The power supply for this Dell 760 is weak(235 watts). And it is a small form factor. So I think that I will need something with a low power draw and also something that can fit inside this thing.

    I am not looking to push this thing to the limit. I do not play computer games. I have no need for gaming whatsoever. I would like to get something which is approximately 75% of the maximum that this system could handle.

    I went to the local electronics store to look at the Radeon cards. I checked out the 5000 series and 6000 series cards. However, they do not list the required system specs. So I do not know which one would be best for me.




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