Need Help Connecting to My Computer for Access to Music, Movies, etc.

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    Just picked up a TIVO Model: TCD652160 HD-DVR. About 2 1/2 years ago I previously owned a TIVO but it was not HD; so I am familiar with the entire TIVO phenom.

    My questions are about the new enhanced features that my previous TIVO did not have. I am specifically inquiring about: Amazon Unbox, Rhapsody connection, Podcasts and the Universal Swivel Switch.

    Being a musician naturally I am a HUGE music fan. I am also a big movie buff so the two options mentioned above are very exciting to have included with my new TIVO. My TIVO is on the main floor with my computer in the basement, directly underneath where the TV sits [on the floor above it].

    I have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer for me:

    1. In order to utilize Unbox, Rhapsody and Podcast do I need to have my TIVO connected to my computer? Currently my pc is connected via broadband thru my cable modem. How do I connect the TIVO to my Internet/broadband line?

    2. I am a cable subscriber (Optimum on Long Island), is there some sort of splitter that I can have Optimum install so one line goes to the cable modem and the other to my TIVO?

    3. Does TIVO automatically d/load the 14-day program via the cable TV line attached to the TIVO or do I need to have a separate telephone line connected to TIVO and a phone jack?

    In short, I would like to be able to access my Rhapsody account directly from my television via the TIVO. Any other music, movies, downloads, etc. that I can get would be gravy.

    Any advice or answers that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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    In just the same way, if you have a free jack on your cable modem. If not, add a router or switch* between the modem and computer, and plug the Tivo into that.

    Eh? I assume you already have a line going to a TV, or a set-top box. That's the only [cable TV] line you need. But if you do need a splitter, you can easily install it yourself.

    Edit: Or did you mean the Ethernet line? That's not quite how it works, although you could consider a switch as a "splitter" for Ethernet. It would be: Cable TV line into cable modem; Ethernet line from cable modem to switch; Ethernet lines from switch to computer and Tivo. And again, not something for which you need to call your cable company.


    No. You can download it over the phone, but there's no reason to do that if you're already setting up an Ethernet connection.

    * A switch may or may not work... I'd have to know more about your network.

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