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    We really need a way to review and update all the thumb ratings we have set. It seems like the HD search is really close to providing this. Yes, I know about the "Review Thumbs" feature in the TiVo Suggestions menu, but that is completely worthless for two reasons - the display is a totally random sort order, and it is so SLOW it takes several minutes to just change pages!

    I have literally THOUSANDS of thumb ratings out there that I use to indicate what movies I have in my library or recorded to DVD and the quality of the video picture. The three thumbs options are not ideal for this, but it is the only option available in the TiVo listings. My problem is that the video quality ratings I use have changed dramatically since going to HD years ago, but there are still lots and lots of movies that I have flagged under my old ratings that I want to re-record or simply change the quality ratings. So now these ratings have become less than useful to me - I have to look up virtually every program in my computer database to see if the displayed thumb rating actually matches the copy I have. Because I have over 4,000 movies, plus lots of other programs, flagged this way, there is absolutely no way I want to clear all the thumbs and start over!

    Although the HD search does not show ALL existing movies, it shows a heck of a lot more than just what's on in the next two weeks. In addition, it already shows the current thumb ratings for a program if you select it to see details, and you can actually edit your thumb ratings there - EXCELLENT! Now to make this really useful, all you need to do is pull those current thumb ratings forward to the search results list (or at least the little preview screen on the right side) so the ratings can be seen without having to manually select every possible program.

    Finally, to make this feature extraordinarily useful, add the ability to filter by thumb ratings to the Search Options screen! And that filter needs several permutations: show only (all, up, or down) thumb rated programs, and exclude (all, up, or down) thumb rated programs. In addition, you should allow sorting by thumbs, as this would work as an advanced filter in some search displays.

    I still think there should also be a separate way to display and edit ALL existing thumb ratings (one that actually works in a usable way), but even if you have that, this HD search really needs the capability described above also.
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    Did you try to press Enter while in the Suggestions screen?

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