NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episodes 4 and 5 Spoilers

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    I know I'm not going to get this right and not sure which ep it was in since they both aired on the same night. A young woman just kept at Fatima (verbally) about Fatima's generation (older) than hers. It was hilarious.

    Note to producers, Deeks is the only reason my wife watches this show.
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    Deeks offers a respite from the seriousness of the show. A little comic relief from a guy who has the more laid back California surfer look.

    Though, given the way they're going through the story, I doubt Deeks is leaving. You don't go through all the trouble of suggesting plans like going to FLETC and training and shutting it down that quickly without some other master plan in action. You either end the character, or you send them away on a far away trip fulfilling a higher mission. It's why Nells was sent to San Francisco to look after her mom (she actually was supposed to leave).

    Of course, chances were Deeks' future was probably supposed to be up in the air as the season finale - until the pandemic basically screwed over the season schedule and what was supposed to be the season finale is probably trying to be the winter hiatus. (Given production on NCIS is halted due to pandemic issues affecting production, and likely affecting NCIS NOLA production as well, it seems rather extravagant to have two new episodes unless there's a rush in to get them in before the winter hiatus when production may shut down at any moment).

    Big question is - will it be some form of Deus Ex Machina like Hetty pulling magic strings that gets Deeks back in, or does he find some way to get an exception or reinstatement of the position.
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    Deeks is not leaving. Olsen just wants to spend some time with his newborn and the writers accommodated a plot line that didn't need him to be on set as much.

    Trivia: Ruah is married to Olsen's brother.

    --Carlos "awkward family gatherings" V.

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