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    My "cable" is a DSL service using the Motorola N3 Residential Gateway. This box sends 3 feeds to my house coaxial wiring in three different channels, 3, 6, and 10. Each channel uses a different remote to access the tuner to change the channel. If I am in the bedroom I use channel 10 remote to change the channels and my tv is tuned to channel 10. In the kitchen I use the channel 6 remote to change the channel and the television in the kitchen is tuned to channel 6. And the channel 3 remote is in the living room with the tv tuned to channel 3. If I have a TIVO premiere and I hook the coaxial cable to antenna input can I record off any of those three channels (3, 6 or 10)? I understand that in order to have the proper channel recording I would have to manually tune that particular channel to the program I want. For instance, if I was taping channel 10 on the Tivoand I wanted an ABC show I would have to have the channel 10 tuner on the gateway tuned to ABC and the Tivo set up to record on channel 10.
    I own a Toshiba Tivo now and am able to record a channel and watch a channel or a prerecorded show from TIVO. It only has one tuner. The TIVO premiere has 2 tuners. Would I be able to record 2 channels and watch a prerecorded show?
    I know this is confusing but I hope someone out there has experience using this DUMB system my phone company has. :cool:
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    If your system works as you describe, then yes, you should be able to record those three channels as if they were coming from an antenna (or a cable system, since the frequencies should be the same for channels 2 thru 13). The problem would be that TiVo would not have any guide data for them, so you would have to use manual recording, specifying channel and time. The Motorola N3 Residential Gateway must be outputting only NTSC (SD) RF on the coaxial cables, or your Toshiba wouldn't be able to tune the signals. And I think ATSC encoders still cost a lot more than a TiVo.
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    That Gateway is essentially a triple-head SD cable box. Only one "tuner" on it is suitable for TiVo use, without extensive playing, or manual use.

    You are best served with a Series 2 if you want full TiVo use.

    I wouldn't buy a TiVo HD/Premiere for just that provider. I would though, get one to record the broadcast channels from antenna, or switch to a provider (if possible), which can make full use of a Premiere.

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