My struggle with Comcast

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    Ok. So July my 2 years were up. Time for a new package. I got the $79.99 triple play so happy with that. I also asked about the Xfinity mobile discount. "You should be getting that " . The man said. So I look at my bill. No discount for Xfinity mobile and an odd $5 charge for "equipment + remote". This was not on my previous bills. So I call. Hung up on by IA. Twice . Now I'm ready to kill so I say "cancel service" and I get a real person. She tells me I need to bump up to a package about $50 more expensive than mine to get the mobile discount. Fail. On to the $5 charge..she tells me I have an X1 box on my account which I never have had. She says she can't remove the charge. I say...well if I'm paying for it then send me a box. $10 for dvr? No thanks, anyway I got the lousy credit. They make everything so difficult. Total time on phone: 67 minutes. Oh btw, Oct 27 we won't get any encore movie channels unless we subscribe to Starz. The hits just keep on coming. The rep was wonderful she just had to work within the system. But I just got the survey and said no I would not recommend these animals to anyone.
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    I’m on a cable advisory council here in CT. I know it doesn’t help you now, but if you need in the future I can give you the name of the Comcast exec that we work with. Every time I have a problem or need to renew my contract, I go thru him and he gets someone of this country that knows what they are doing to call me and work it out. It’s funny - the last time I needed a contract I just called the 1800 number and it was a hassle. When I told him about it, he just kinda smirked and said next time to contact him..

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