My Shows data incorrect, Guide data correct for same recording

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by mike386, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. mike386

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    Jan 17, 2009
    My Roamio (or Premiere) will record a suggestion from the Science Channel (channel 142 SD or 942 HD). The Guide data correctly lists the show as "What on Earth?" and includes the correct episode info for the show. However, the recording that shows up in the Suggestions folder of "My Shows" says it is the show "How the Universe Works". Also, it does not include any episode info but instead just has the generic (series) description for that show.

    The most recent time that this happened was for the "What on Earth?" show airing on 11/6/2018 at 6am.

    This has been happening on both my Roamio Pro and Premiere XL4 for at least the last few months. I have seen this with multiple shows on multiple TiVos: it happens the way described above and vice versa (records "How the Universe works" as correctly listed in Guide, but My Shows says it is a recording of "What on Earth?"); and it has also happened with other shows being involved (for example, Tivo recorded the show "Unearthed" but My Shows listed it as being the show "What on Earth?"). So far I have only seen it happen on the Science Channel.

    I don't even know how to report this as the Guide data is correct. I don't understand how the guide can be correct but TiVo lists the recording as a different show than what is show in the guide. This needs to be fixed.
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    Dec 7, 2012
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    Report a Lineup Issue

    There is a comments section.

    Compare the TiVo guide with Gracenote ( and Do you have a future possible error in your To Do List at this time?
  3. mike386

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    Jan 17, 2009
    The TiVo Guide data is CORRECT. It is the information (show title, description, etc.) in "My Shows" (the info for the recorded show in the list of recorded shows on the TiVo) that is incorrect.

    This happened again earlier this morning.

    TiVo Guide (on my Tivo),, and all correctly lists: "What on Earth?", Season 3, Ep. 19, on the Science Channel (142) from 4am-5am.

    My TiVo Roamio Pro recorded a suggestion on the Science Channel from 4:08am-5:04am. In the suggestions folder of My Shows, the TiVo lists this recorded show as "How the Universe Works" with no episode number and the generic description for this show. Full TiVo data for the recording below.

    This is not a TiVo Guide issue. TiVo is trying to record (and thinks it has) a different show at a slightly different start time than what the TiVo's own guide data correctly shows. This has been happening for at leats several months now with different shows on this channel.

    How the Universe Works

    Recorded Tue 11/13/2018 04:08 AM on 142=SCIENCE, Duration=56 mins, EpisodeNumber=

    Examining the universe's mechanisms, structures and phenomena in this documentary series featuring CGI and expert commentary.

    EpisodeNumber =
    ExpirationImage = suggestion-recording
    HD = No
    ProgramId = SH0162954163-0162953009
    ProgramId_unique = SH0162954163-0162953009_1542100080000
    SeriesEpNumber =
    SeriesId = SH0162954163
    channel = SCIENCE
    channelNum = 142
    collectionId = tivo:cl.162954163
    contentId = tivo:ct.162953009
    date = Tue 11/13/2018
    date_long = Tue 11/13/2018 04:08 AM
    description = Examining the universe's mechanisms, structures and phenomena in this documentary series featuring CGI and expert commentary.
    duration = 3360000
    gmt = 1542100080000
    gmt_hex = 0x5BEA9470
    offerId = tivo:eek:f.ctd.2379.142.cable.2018-11-13-09-08-00.3360
    recordingId = tivo:rc.2493789
    size = 1142947840
    sizeGB = 1.06 GB
    sortableChannel = 142
    suggestion = yes
    title = How the Universe Works
    titleOnly = How the Universe Works
  4. Mikeguy

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    Jul 28, 2005
    Again, contact TiVo and let it know of the disconnect. It sounds to me that there is a database issue--the wrong display info. is being called up and displayed for the correctly recorded show (if I'm understanding correctly).

    This has happened in the past. I have a handful of earlier recorded shows that have completely different name and display information, a known (to TiVo) issue resulting from TiVo's switch to a different database system a bunch of years back.
  5. tommage1

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Not sure if related but sometimes I get shows with incorrect title and no episode number. For example, there is a TV show called "Svengoolie" that shows campy horror flicks. Had a season pass, was working fine. Then all of a sudden no shows scheduled. I go to the guide and see the show has been "renamed", by Tivo I guess, to some variation of the correct title. And the thumbnail changed to a generic. So I added a season pass for the "new" title of the show. Was like that for a few weeks. Then it went back to the correct title for the show, with the correct thumbnail. But the recordings for the "incorrect" titles remained as is, generic/no info, did not "update". Usually the "incorrect" title for a show will have bad or no show information, a generic thumbnail, and will show up as a "new" recording even if the show is NOT new. This has happened with other titles over the past year too, usually older shows for me. Lot of guide problems still, incorrect titles that happen occasionally, Star Trek (original series) should be listed as Star Trek, for awhile it was "Star Trek Original Series" with generic info etc. Even some current sports. Must be being done manually by someone at Tivo, someone gets it right, then someone changes it to something wrong, then someone changes back, maybe. Who knows.........................
  6. tommage1

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Even just titles of individual episodes can be wrong, The Fugitive, there is an episode called APB. With correct info and episode number. But then got renamed to "APB, All Points Bulletin". I actually have both recorded, the correct title and the incorrect title. Both the same episode.

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