My nemisis: The GSOD

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by casbahman, Jan 25, 2006.

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    Jun 7, 2002


    Yes, the Green Screen of Death. Striking fear into Tivo users everywhere.

    I have one following a power outage but cannot find a problem thus far. The screen stated the customary warnings that it was going to try and fix the problem and not to unplug the unit. Well, since I have large hard drives (I have an SAT-T60 with 160GB Western Digital and 200GB Maxtor hard drives), I let it cycle for the whole weekend while I was out of town. Upon my return, I continued to see the GSOD.

    So I pulled out my original 40GB Tivo drive that I use as my backup. I can plug that one in and I no longer see the GSOD, all systems normal. So it's not the motherboard.

    Must the the hard drives, right? Well, I downloaded the appropriate diagnostic software from each drive manufacturer's website and ran the scans on the drives. Both drives passed. So it does not appear to be the drives. What gives?

    I know that in the PC world, skewering a file allocation table will render the PC useless even if the drive is not fried. I assume there is something similar in Tivo. If so, can this table be repaired? Could there be another cause? Otherwise, what should I do next?

    I'm lost in Linux but am willing to learn if there is a possible fix out there.
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    Mar 15, 2005
    It would seem to me that backing up the orig drive and restoring to your pair of bigger drives would do the trick. You have lots to read and learn but after you do that we are here to help. Also suggest you keep forcing calls in to Tivo until you have the latest software version installed on the orig drive. Finally, but a good UPS, at least 350watts and avoid this problem in the future. You have hard drives writing 24/7 and a power interruption is bound to screw things up as you have discovered.

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