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  1. scandia101

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    On 3/12, AMW featured fugitive Abraham Mpaka who was wanted for murder in Florida. Turns out he was living across the street and just down the block from me. If I had seen him on AMW, I wouldn't have recognized him because I've never seen him up close face to face, just from a distance. Thankfully, someone recognized him and called the authorities.


    I was going to put this in Happy Hour, but decided to put it here for some reason that now escapes me.
  2. marksman

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    I am always amazed at how many criminals are caught from shows like AMW where people see them.. I am pretty sure I could watch AMW and see a criminal profiled like 30 minutes later walk right past me and I would never notice it.
  3. retrodog

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    I can understand why you put it over here, but you should have listed AMW in the thread title so that those who watch that show would check out the thread. They might even remember the episode. ;)
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    I just wonder how many false alarms there are though, where the police get a frantic call from an AMW viewer saying that their neighbor is the serial murderer from the show, then it turns out not to be.
  5. gastrof

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    I recall at least two different cases where the actor who played the criminal in the aired AMW reinactment was reported to the police by someone who watched the show and had only half a memory.

    Must be great to end up surrounded by the police, all with guns drawn, because you played some nasty person for a few hours several months ago.
  6. danterner

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    This picture has been posted elsewhere on TCF at least several times, but since I laugh every time I see it, and it seems relevant here...

  7. pendragn

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    That never ever fails to make me laugh out loud when I see it.

  8. snowjay

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    I watch AMW almost every week... still haven't seen anyone I know.
  9. sieglinde

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    well... Did the anchorman do it? :)

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