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    Summer is here and with it increased operating temperatures for my Bolt and my 1st Gen Mini. Feeling somewhat adventurous, I decided it was time to do a few modifications to my setups. First up the Bedroom Mini (which is connected to my network via MOCA). Pre-modification, or more accurately "additions", my Mini was "mounted" to the back of my TV via four small squares of velcro on each corner which was giving me an MBT of 50C while idle. After modification, which includes a stand-off mount attached to one of the VESA mount holes, my Mini reports an MBT of 36C, after two hours under stress.


    120mm Fan
    Fine mesh dust screen
    Fan Screws
    3/16 inch thick rubber bushings
    Electrical Tape
    Zip Ties
    USB Splitter Block (from an old project, I honestly didn't realize it passed power, but it does...!
    TiVo USB RF Dongle
    3-pin fan to USB adapter
    8-inch steel mend plate
    Appropriately size flat head machine screws, washers, nuts, lock nuts and 3/16in rubber bushings


    Attached mesh dust using rubber bushings as spacers to give the screen better clearance from the fan blades:

    Sealed the gap between the dust screen and the fan with electrical tape. I also attached the fan to the Mini on the front and both sides with electrical tape:

    Added a couple of zip-ties for extra security and measuring for mount:

    Completed mount:

    Mount attached to Mini:

    Attached to VESA mount point on back of TV with a 3/4 in spacer to allow for ventilation under Mini:

    My apologies, I forgot to take pictures of the cabling. Essentially, the USB splitter for the RF dongle and the fan power blocks the ethernet port, besides that, all other ports on the Mini are fully accessible.

    Installed and in place, there is one inch of clearance between the wall and the top of the fan and 3/4-inch clearance between the bottom of the Mini and the back of the TV.

    Though the fit and finish is not exactly the best on this project, the Mini is hidden behind the TV, and in my defense, I did only spend about 90 minutes of total time on it, including the trip to the hardware store (with the Mini in tow) :)
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