my bolt 1tb thinks it has recorded episodes already and so does not record false "duplicate"

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by pdavisy, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. pdavisy

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    Nov 26, 2017


    I upgraded from premier to bolt 1tb. I transferred over tv series episodes I had recorded but they did not transfer completely, each episode only had part of the info there. Decided just to re-record as they aired, so deleted them all and set onepass accordingly. Onepass did not record all of the episodes claiming it already had them as duplicates. Subsequently I deleted the episodes permanently and restarted the bolt. Same problem still occurring; some episodes record correctly, others do not, with the recording activity log claiming they are duplicates, which they are not.
  2. JoeKustra

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    To be safe, set the 1P to all. Then edit your To Do List.
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    If it's been recorded or transferred onto your Bolt, even if it's deleted (even permanently) it will be considered a duplicate* With a little thought you can see how inconvenient it would be if episodes were re-recorded just because they were deleted! As JoeKustra says, you will have to change the One Pass to "All" to record these episodes.

    * Although at some point I believe the fact that it has been recorded expires if the recording is no longer present. This seems to take about a year.
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    It's all part of the 28 day rule.
    New recording = OAD less than 28 days and has never appeared on the My Shows list.
    Repeat recording = any previous recording of the program has not existed on the My Shows list in the previous 28 days.
    The OP should to take JoeKustra's advice and change the One Pass settings and then in a month he can change the One Pass settings back to new only. Or he can leave his current One Pass settings and just go through upcoming episodes and manually select the affected programs to record.
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    This Friday I'm going to replace the hard drive. I will have to repeat the 28 day rule and get those messages from TiVo every three days. It's not fair. :(
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    Something interesting that I discovered concerning the "28 Day Rule":
    • If you manually delete a recording, it will not re-record it.
    • If the TiVo unit deletes the recording for space reasons (I'm constantly in the 80-100% range), it will automatically re-record it.
    I've watched this happen multiple times with repeating cable shows. If I 'Watch & Delete' the show, it doesn't re-record, but if I either 'Watch & Don't Delete' (or don't get a chance to even watch it), if my Gen3 Roamio sees the program again, it will re-record it for me.

    How thoughtful! :cool:

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