MXC--Anyone know about the actual Japanese Show?

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    Aug 17, 2004


    i love this show.

    i used to live in manila, and they showed takeshi castle in its entirety. of course, there was dubbing and i doubt it if they dubbed it correctly. but they showed the entire thing.

    and by the entire thing, i mean, they showed it from start to finish, with the japanese dialogue playing in the background.

    it starts out with the whole bunch of people being led by the captain. "ige!" was his battlecry. the premise was, a bunch of civilians are trying to defeat emperor takeshi and win a couple million yen. there's several challenges that they don't really show much on television, and it's not a vs. thing, it's more of there's just a lot of weirdos in there.

    they start out with like 200 people and the challenges narrow it down to several people. then at the end, there's a water cannon shootout scene where they ride carts and try to blast takeshi and his minions' paper target mounted on their cart.

    of the several years that we've watched the show, we've seen just a number of winners. the rest of them lose, because most of them end up eliminated, and there's only one or two left to fight an army of twenty.

    it's great fun.
  2. doom1701

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    May 15, 2001
    What's the sense of humor like on the (at least dubbed) version? I know it's probably nothing like MXC, but considering some of the little cut scenes they do with Takeshi and the prince (Vic and Kenny), there's got to be some real attempts at humor.
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    Jul 22, 2002
    Arent the voices of Vic and Kenny the same guys who played the commentators on MTVs claymation show Celebrity Deathmatch?
  4. mcdougll

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    Jan 27, 2003
    Do you mean the name is the same? or the actor/person is the same as in the movie?
  5. Cboath

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    Jun 22, 2004
    St. Louis


    Not sure on that, but I know that one of them is the Unofficial Spokesman for Wendy's guy.
  6. orome

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    Dec 29, 2004
    Both; he goes by the name Takeshi.
  7. pawchikapawpaw

    pawchikapawpaw New Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    oh it's very campy.

    the thin guy on the wrestling event is usually the butt of so many gags in there.

    it's actually funny. they show the people who didn't make it crying. especially the one where they run across the pond with fake rocks.

    the way they showed it to us, was they overlapped the scenes with takeshi and the sidekick with local comedians. so that they can talk about the events, in the native language. but they were dressed in japanese kimonos. the commentary was done also in the native language.

    and then for the interviews on site, they dub it in english with the japanese soundtrack faintly playing on the background.
  8. ccwf

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    Dec 29, 2001
    Searching the web and the TBS channel web site, I don't see a site for the show overall. TBS does seem to have pages for particular episodes, however (examples: episode 1, episode 129).
  9. chebygal26

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    Feb 23, 2006
    I lived in Japan for 3 years and LOVED watching this in Japanese, even though i oonly knew a little Japanese. It is so much better even if you can't understand it!! Great show!!
  10. chebygal26

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    Feb 23, 2006
    i lived in Japan for 3 years and loved to watch it in Japanese even though i only understood a little. It is way better in Japanese, but still a GREAT show! Very funny!!
  11. doom1701

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    May 15, 2001
    Could you pick up on the flow of the show, and how it's different than the way MXC works?

    Also, when was it? Is it still in production?
  12. IndyJones1023

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    Apr 1, 2002
    Orlando, FL
    I have a Japanese episode on VHS I acquired back in college in 1991. I have loved that thing and watched it on occasion for the last 15 years. When Spike broadcast MXC I knew exactly where it came from and fell in love with the dubbed version, too. Good stuff.
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    Sep 22, 2006
    I love this show... Cant wait for the first season to come out to Dvd on October 3rd... :).... everyone... get it today so that they will release a second dvd, cause i knw i am going to want more after i get the first...
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    May 6, 2005
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    Dec 19, 2009
    'Fuun! Takeshi Jo' - (1986-1989) -- (JAPAN)-- show info/facts-

    Takeshi's Castle is a Japanese comedy game show devised by, and staring, Takeshi Kitano.

    Takeshi plays the lord of a castle, the grounds of which he fills with silly, but tough,
    games in an attempt to stop
    attacks from General Tani.
    To help him protect the castle,
    Takeshi has a team of guards
    who will try and stop Tani's
    army progressing any further.

    Each episode, 'General' Hayato Tani gathers over 100 contestants in an attempt to storm the castle.
    He wants to take ownership of the castle for himself, so leads his army of contestants through the games, around 8 per episode, and onto the castle to try and overthrow Takeshi.

    The games whittle down the contestants until the last remaining few reach the final
    battle. In this 'Show Down',
    the contestants have to break
    Takeshi's paper ring, or set-off
    his sensor to win. If a player
    is successful in doing this
    they have beaten Takeshi,
    stormed the castle, and won 1 million Yen.

    Takeshi's Castle originally aired on TBS from 1986 until 1990. Each regular episode was around 47 minutes long (w/o ads), with occasional special episodes being extended.

    The intro of each episode sees Tani and his army of contestants chasing some of the guards through the castle grounds. A shot of every contestant is quickly run-through on screen.
    To begin, originally, Takeshi
    and his advisor (Saburo or
    Higashi) have a brief
    discussion, with the line-up of
    the day's guards also being
    introduced. In later episodes
    the show begins with a comedy sketch involving Takeshi and Higashi; usually introducing a theme for their sections of the episode.

    Next, Tani is in the woods at the edge of the castle grounds, giving a pep talk to the contestants. He speaks to the viewers at home, chats to a few contestants, and then leads the charge into the first game. Before this first game, the Battlefield Reporter introduces himself.

    Takeshi appears in between each game. To begin with, in these sections, Takeshi and his advisor sit and talk
    about what has happened, what's coming up, and generally provided a comedy interlude. Later these sections became sketches where Takeshi, Higashi, and usually some of the other guards, end
    up in weird situations or play games.
    The Battlefield Reporter occasionally features in his own sketches, and also signs off before each break.

    After all the games it's time for the final battle. If the contestants lose, Tani gives
    his thoughts on the
    disappointing result and then
    runs off to get ready for his
    next attack. If a contestant
    wins, Takeshi awards them
    their prize and Tani celebrates
    with the remaining members of his army.

    To end the show, Takeshi and his advisor talk about the day. Finally the contestants are thanked, and listed in the credits, while memorable moments from the episode's games are shown in the background.


    Regular Prizes--

    Type Amount Given to... Given out...
    Main Prize ¥1,000,000 The contestant who beats Takeshi in the 'Show Down'. Upon a 'Show Down' win.
    Fighting Spirit Award ¥100,000 The contestants who give their best effort or are the most amusing. To a few contestants every episode.
    Special Fighting Spirit Award ¥100,000 All contestants in the 'Show Down'. Upon a 'Show Down' draw, or if Tani shoots Takeshi's sensor.
    Special Prizes
    Type What? Given to... Given in...
    Winner's Award ¥1,000,000 Fastest man and fastest woman to complete the 'Ultimate Show Down'. Episode 131.
    Final Prizes Prizes include:
    Game Boy. Contestants that manage to shoot down the corresponding boxes. 'Shoot 'N' Loot' – Episode 133.


    A timeline of notable episodes in Takeshi's Castle's history.----


    2nd May Ep 1 First episode of Takeshi's Castle is broadcast, on TBS.
    30th May Ep 5 First cart 'Show Down' (v2).
    8th Aug Ep 11 First special regular episode, featuring children only, airs.
    22nd Aug Ep 12 First International Special airs.
    5th Sep Ep 13 First Family Special airs.
    3rd Oct Ep 17 First Special episode, Guard SP, airs.
    19th Dec Ep 27 Final episode of 1986 airs.


    2nd Jan Ep 28 First episode of 1989, the New Year SP, airs.
    23rd Jan Ep 31 First winner – contestant beats Takeshi (Doll) in the 'Show Down'.
    27th Feb Ep 36 First Couples Special airs.
    3rd Apr Ep 41 Teams SP airs.
    18th Sep Ep 60 First Middle School Special airs.
    2nd Oct Ep 62 Monster SP airs.
    30th Dec Ep 73 Final episode of 1987, End of Year Winter SP, airs.


    8th Jan Ep 74 First episode of 1988 airs.
    15th Jan Ep 75 First College Girls Special airs.
    1st Apr Ep 86 Spring Snow SP airs.
    22nd Apr Ep 88 First Laser 'Show Down'.
    5th Aug Ep 100 100th Episode airs.
    12th Aug Ep 101 Peace Agreement, a special clip show, airs.
    16th Sep Ep 105 High School Special airs.
    7th Oct Ep 106 International Battle Special airs.
    30th Dec Ep 116 Final episode of 1988, End of Year SP, airs.


    6th Jan Ep 117 First episode of 1989 airs.
    24th Mar Ep 127 Final regular episode airs.
    7th Apr Ep 128 Part 1 of the Final Episode, a clip show, airs.
    14th Apr Ep 129 Part 2 of the Final Episode, a clip show, airs
    6th Oct Ep 130 Takeshi's Castle Returns! SP airs.


    30th Mar Ep 131 Spring Break Obstacle Course SP airs.
    8th Apr Ep 132 100 Greatest Scenes, a clip show, airs.
    19th Oct Ep 133 1000 Contestant Attack SP airs.


    2nd Apr X Mini Takeshi's Castle special in "All-Star Thanksgiving Spring '05".


    2009 ---20th--- Nov X First official DVD set is released.

    2010 ---26th Feb X Second official DVD set is released.


    Regular Episodes ----

    In special editions of regular episodes, the contestants are made up of certain groups of people.

    - Children: All contestants are children.
    - College Girls: The contestants are all young female college students.
    - Couples': Contestants are made up of pairs of husbands and wives/boyfriends and girlfriends.
    - Family: Contestants are made up of pairs of a parent and their child.
    - High School: The contestants are all roughly aged between 15 and 18.
    - International: The contestants are all of different nationalities, except Japanese.
    - Middle School: The contestants are all roughly aged between 12 and 15.
    - Rank Holder: The contestants are all top of the field in their professions/pastimes.
    - Regional: The contestants play as representatives of different part of Japan.

    Special Episodes (SP) ---------------------------------------------

    These special episodes are longer than the regular episodes, and always include something different to the usual shows.

    - Guard/Monster SP:-
    Tani is now the owner of the castle. Takeshi has to try and get it back by either playing the games himself, with the 'Emerald Guards', or by sending a team of monsters through the grounds to storm the castle.

    - New Year/End of Year SP-
    : Tani travels around different prefectures to find contestants. In each location, the locals play three games. Tani then brings the best contestants back to the castle to play as usual.

    - Teams SP-
    : Contestants come as a part of various teams and play through this bumper episode as usual.

    - Snow SP-
    : The same as a regular episode but played in a Niigata ski resort.

    - Takeshi's Castle Returns! SP-
    : Just like a New Year/End of Year special, but instead of taking the best contestants from each location back to the castle, Tani takes them to Taiwan to compete in "100 Wars, 100 Victories". The winners here are then finally taken to the castle for a final 'Show Down'.

    - Obstacle Course SP-
    : Tani visits different prefectures and, in each location, puts local contestants though an obstacle course. The winners then all travel to the castle and take on more courses, in an attempt to reach the 'Ultimate Showdown'.

    - 1000 Contestant Attack SP:-
    Tani gathers his biggest ever army, 1000 contestants, to play through games on a Yokohama beach. The winners all then travel to the castle to play as usual, except this time they're playing for prizes in the final – and not taking part in a 'Show Down'.


    2005 Live Reunion -

    As part of TBS's 50th birthday celebrations, Takeshi's Castle returned for one night only. In the live show "All-Star Thanksgiving Spring '05", a group of 10 celebrity contestants played 'Skipping Stones', and then four moved onto 'Bridge Ball'. Tani was there to lead them through the games, while Higashi and Takeshi Doll sat by the sidelines, just as they used to.


    remakes of this show --

    MXC - (USA)



    & even more all over the world !!

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    Dec 19, 2009
    I was on this show in JAPAN....Takeshi Castle

    the USA...MXC version

    I am on the DVD of season 2

    "former Olympians -- -USA vs World

    I play
    "american actress-- Toni Davis---on the "dash to death" game

    it was a lot of fun to be on this show!!

    Zona Kayla
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    Oct 11, 2004
    Tell us more! :up::up::up:
  18. sushikitten


    Jan 27, 2005
    Post a clip! I'm sure I've seen it, I think we've seen every ep!
  19. ZonaKayla

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    Dec 19, 2009
  20. ZonaKayla

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    Dec 19, 2009
    getting it now

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