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    Download the zip, unpack it, and run the .bat file... then the application is available from your TiVo DVRs if you have home network applications enabled.

    This is a basic use of my "Multitasker Architecture" which allows it to simultaneously Show pictures (from your computer, URLs, or RSS Feeds) play your music (or news podcasts or whatever gets configured), and run a news ticker along the bottom (which can also display song currently played, the picture currently shown, and what is currently recording on your TiVo DVR). To be honest, this is not entirely stable, and is not currently easy to configure, so it's really for the "advanced user".

    It's not as pretty as much of the applications you see for TiVo... I just don't have much time to spend on this hobby, so I don't take time to refine things. I think they're fun, though ;]

    I personally use this app, launched with multiple names through its main arguments, to have one listing for my pictures and music, one for local traffic/weather camera URLs with local news podcasts, ones for LOL Cats and similar RSS picture feeds (with arbitrary music played with it), etc.

    I hope to make configuration more friendly maybe at the end of December if I'm lucky... but here it is for the adventurous.

    Feel free to let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

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