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    I own two Series2 Lifetime boxes and I'm debating taking the plunge for either an S3 or TivoHD.

    Question #1:
    I am curious about the Multi-Service Discount, do lifetime boxes count to qualify for this discount?

    Question #2:
    I've heard and read tale of folks calling up Tivo CS and finding a rep (dialing for luck) who allows them to Xfer the lifetime subscription to their S3 box (for a one time fee). Is this really true, can you with a Series2 still get this?

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    Yes the lifetime on that unit qualifies the rest of the acct for an MSD , however you will have to get in to a contract for 3yrs to get the 6.95 a month rate, and yes if you go out and buy a retail S3 unit not the TivoHD you should be able to transfer the lifetime from that older box to the newer one for 199.00, and the old unit will stay activated for 1 yr for free so to speak. Technically speaking they dont offer the deal anymore, but I have called them many times in the past few weeks and always get the answer that they will do it. They wont just plain out say hey why not go get an s3 and we will transfer it, but if you ask they will give it to you, but the unit has to be a retail purchased one and not from the web site.

    Good luck

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