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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by HmeTinkerer, Jan 29, 2010.

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    I have two Tivos (1 HD, 1 Series2) networked in my house that I use for Multi-Room Viewing. I recently purchased a used Series2 that I planned to use in the garage to watch recordings from my other Tivos. Being in the garage with no cable outlets, I figured I didn't need a service agreement since I'd just be transferring programs from my other Tivos.

    When I first plugged it in, I could see my other Tivos listed, but when I selected them, the message was something like "No programs recorded" or "No Programs to transfer" or something like that. I figured I just needed to reset the new Tivo so I did the guided setup and rebooted. After doing that, however, my other Tivos were no longer listed on the garage Tivo "Now Playing" page. I forced a connection to Tivo several times and rebooted, but still nothing. Where did the other Tivos go? I read on here that "Enable Video Downloads" has to be active on your Tivo to get MRV working. I could not do this for my garage Tivo, however, since it is not associated with my account. When I try to associate it with my account, I am required to pick a service agreement - which I don't have much use for since I get no reception/channels. Do all Tivos have to have an active subscription to work with MRV?
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    Woulld this also apply if you:

    Used Tivo Desktop to transfer the recordings to your PC

    Used the PC to transfer to an old Tivo that did not have an active account- and was only hooked up through the PC network?

    I would like to transfer some things to the bedroom set- which is just acting as a TV tuner at the present and DVD player. Would like to know if anyone has done this, and if it works ok. I know it would not necessarily transfer HD content- at least I don't think it could even going through the PC and Tivo desktop.
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    You need an active subscription to use any of the network features. Without an active subscription on a Series 2 or 3, you can buffer a 1/2 hour of live TV, play back previously made recordings, and that's about it.

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