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    I just received my new Premier and I have an old Sony SVR-2000 with a TurboNet card added which allows me to connect my TiVo to my network. My question is whether the Sony SVR-2000 is capable of Multi-Room Viewing (MVR)?

    The reason I am asking is because when I log in to my TiVo online account I and navigate to the "TiVo DVR Preferences" section only my new Premier has the option of enabling/disabling video sharing and TiVo's tech support seems to show that I have been connecting via phone modem to make daily calls. I am wondering if the TurboNet card is more of a hack to interface the phone modem to the internet via ethernet rather than a true internet connection (this statement may show my limited knowledge of the topic). Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
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    This should probably be posted in Tivo Underground. Congrats on still having a working Sony unit!
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    The Series 1 software doesn't have any provision for transferring shows in or out, even by the "tied to your Media Access Key" way that the S2s, S3s, and S4s can do.

    "Exporting" recordings from an S1 via the serial port or a TurboNet Card or Cache Card to a computer is called "extraction" and discussion of it on this site is highly discouraged. If I tried to provide a link to the site where it is discussed it would look like this after going through the filters here:

    http://www.**********.com, although maybe a different number of *s

    If you're desperate to know about the "site which may not be named", e-mail me at

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