Mr. Robot S04E07 “407 Proxy Authentiation Required” 11/17/2019

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    May 17, 2001
    We watched it the following day on the USA app. It had commercials where the Act numbers were.
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    I have mixed thoughts about this episode. First of all, Vera was a horrible character. Every minute he was the prominent onscreen character I was like "Please get this tedious sh*t over with". It's bad enough that I didn't remember him at all but did he have to be so ridiculous? Secondly, Rami Malek, Christian Slater and Gloria Reuben were outstanding. It's a shame that their performances and the revealing of Elliot's secret had to be played out in an episode involving Vera. The actor who played Vera did a great job with the character. I just hated the completely unbelievable character.

    At first, I thought Eliot had Darlene hide in the closet to keep his father from molesting her but that scenario wouldn't explain why he jumped out the window.
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    I'm still puzzled by that reveal in general. Why would Darlene need to hide in the closet? Wouldn't it be far less likely any incident to happen with their father seeing them both in the room?
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