MPEG-4 to HR10?

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    Just a random thought here ... would it be possible to build/buy some sort of device that would convert the new MPEG-4 channels and feed them through the OTA input on the HR10-250? Or stick an HR20 in between that way and feed it through? If the HR10-250 can record OTA HD, why not already decoded MPEG-4?

    I have both receivers right now; the HR20 works fairly well, but I prefer the HR10-250.
  2. ebonovic

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    Jul 24, 2001
    There is a LOT more too it...

    You would need a box that would have to be able to tune to new transponders/sats...
    That was controlled by the HR10-250..

    Receive MPEG-4, Decode it, re-encode it to MPEG-2... and modulate it on a transponder that the HR10-250 can understand... or input it through the USB port.

    HR10-250 OTA-HD is MPEG-2 encoded... so it still uses the same chipset.

    Said box "could" be developed... but it would be fairly expensive, and a lengthy development process...

    And to what volume would it be used, as the HR10-250 is no longer produced... would it be at a justifable price point, to make it cost effective...
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    Is that not what the " B Band Converters " do or is it to go from KA to KU and if so why is this not built in to the HR 20s
  4. stevel

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    No, the B-Band Converters serve as a form of "stacker". It's not built in because with the new Single Wire Multiplex hookups available later this year (probably), you don't use a BBC.
  5. TyroneShoes

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    Ka and Ku are frequency bands. Different frequency bands. You could convert Ka or Ku to L-band (what the receiver sees, and is how DBS works) but Ka to Ku is a different conversion. That could be done, but isn't being done.

    But that only gets the modulated signal to the tuner. You need a M4 chipset to decode the signal, which the HR10 does not have. Real-time conversion is too expensive to attempt.

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