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Discussion in 'TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer' started by aspexil, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. aspexil

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    Oct 16, 2015


    We are going to be moving within the next month. And I seem to be search challenged today as no matter where I search I can't find instructions on what to do when we take our Tivo Bolt to a new city. Can someone help this old man out? I'll probably remain OTA at this point in time. TIA
  2. mark1958

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    Feb 13, 2005
    I'm only guessing but I think you will have to is (repeat guided setup) with your new zip code
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  3. V7Goose

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    May 28, 2005
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    Just re-run Guided setup to enter you new zip code.

    After that is done, you will have to go through the tedious process of editing the channel list to select only the real channels that are available in your area - depending on where you are, that could be either a very short or long and painful process.

    Once you have the channel list correct, you need to review your One-Passes to update any specific channels. Actually, I am not sure this last step is necessary; because, I have no idea if Guided Setup will wipe out your existing 1P list. But if they are not removed, most of them will probably be wrong unless you have them set them up to record from all channels.
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  4. aspexil

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    Oct 16, 2015
    Thanks folks. Covid threw a wrench in our plans. We are only now getting ready to close sometime in mid Dec on the new house.

    Is there a way to backup my OnePasses before I shut down the Bolt in case guided setup removes them?

    And is there anything special for the Bolt in terms of shutting down in preparation for the move? The Bolt will be well packaged and in my possession the whole time and treated with white gloves during the 3 hour drive to the new home.
  5. kpeters59

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    Jun 19, 2007
    Houston, Texas


    KMTTG does a good job of backing up (and restoring) OnePasses and Channels Lists.

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  6. KevTech

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    Apr 15, 2014
    KMTTG was just updated a few days ago so now the RPC certificate does not expire until December 2022 instead of December 2020.
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  7. Rodney

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    Jan 26, 2002
    I've moved a few times with my Bolt (and other TiVos), and other than re-running Guided Setup there isn't anything else you should need to do. My OnePasses all stayed, but a few that didn't automatically get changed to the new network channels I had to manually change to the new station, but that is easy to do. Just go into modify options, it will show you the stations that have that show in your new area.

    Having said that, it is always good to have a list of your OnePasses. I did screen shots from Tivo Online just in case, but didn't need them.
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