Moving External Hard Drive Between Premieres

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Drew1990, Feb 5, 2021.

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    Four years ago I purchased a new 1T WD "My Book DVR Expander" (external drive) from Tivo and hooked it up to my 2-Tuner Premiere.

    It's been working fine, but I'm considering buying to a 4-Tuner Premiere (with Lifetime) so I can use a Mini with it.

    If I make the switch to a 4-Tuner, can I move my external drive over to it, or is the external drive "dedicated" to my 2-Tuner unit? What if I switch to a Roamio or Bolt instead... will I be able to use my external hard drive with either of those? (I realize this is a Premiere group, but I assume some have had experience with the other models.)

    I don't care much about losing programs currently on the external drive; I'd just like the extra storage space for new programs.

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    I would not use an external drive. It gives you two points of failure that would cause total lost of recorded content. Some of the older Tivos would require an tuner dedicated to an mini even when not in use. Be sure to check that before purchase. I know my Bolt does only deicates an tuner to the Mini when in use.
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    Smart move: pick up a used All-In basic Roamio. 10x faster and with TE3 it will look & work the same.
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