Motorola cable cards stop working partially Verizon Fios

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by dbaps, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. dbaps

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    We have a tech coming out to look at this problem. We have three of the original Motorola M cards. Two weeks ago the card in our Roamio stopped working on Fox, National Geographic, and NBC keeps going in and out. Our Tivo-HD box seemed unaffected. Verizon sent us a new cable card for the Roamio. I was on the phone for close to two hours with a technician trying to get it fixed. The Tech asked us to check the Tivo-HD box, even though before it seemed fine. This time it was experiencing the same problem.

    A technician is coming to our house on Wednesday to replace all of our cable cards. A Verizon supervisor called us and said that she had heard Fox is a problem for recording shows but not playing them. Looking at the forum it seems to be a problem with the copy flag, that people are explaining. However since National Geographic and NBC are also affected I'm no longer sure what is the issue.

    Anyone else having similar problems. I live in the DC area and get Verizon Fios.
  2. mr.unnatural

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    I'm on FIOS in Howard County and my M-cards are working fine in my HTPC's cablecard tuners. No problems recording or watching Fox channels.
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    Fox co-owns the NatGeo channel. Not sure what's happening with NBC, but sometimes an unpaired Verizon card causes signal issues.

    Verizon Fios copy-flagging Fox channels

    You can test whether your cards are paired correctly by going to channel 131 on each of the Tivos. If you get a cablecard screen, the cards aren't paired.

    The normal (automated) methods of pairing the cards doesn't work reliably, so you should request a manual validation.

    Phone support is crappy with this. I always contact @VerizonSupport on twitter for cablecard issues. They're superheroes compared to phone support. Give them the serial number, CC ID, Host ID, and Data ID (all 4 are on the cablecard screen) and ask for a manual validation.
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    The last six words are the most important: "ask for a manual validation". This tends to solve pairing issues with copy flagged channels....
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    I have to second @VerizonSupport on Twitter. When I swapped my Premiere for a Roamio, I thought I could just call and get the card paired to the new TiVo. After getting a replacement card and dropped channels later, they scheduled a technician. I saw the posts on here about contacting them through Twitter and figured it couldn't hurt at this point. Not only did they fix the problem, I found out just how badly things had gotten screwed up over the phone.
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    Based on this thread I just ended my session with @VerizonSupport on Twitter. You were right. They knew what they were doing and were likely much better than phone support. I tweeted them, they followed me and asked that I send a DM. When I did that, they sent me a link to a secure chat. From there a guy was able to manually activate both of my cards. Poor guy. I gave him a wrong digit in the CCID twice, too. Once I gave him the right numbers he paired both cards quickly.

    I switched from Premieres to Roamios months ago and never realized I had channels missing. I started to suspect something when I couldn't watch free preview weekends for HBO and I think I tried to tune to FX last week and couldn't.
  7. Stephen Kitterman

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    Nov 19, 2016
    I too solved this Fox channel problem by contacting @VerizonSupport on Twitter. I gave them the serial number, CC ID, Host ID, and Data ID. The process was quick and painless unlike to failed attempt via the phone support.
  8. thyname

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