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    Did I read somewhere that Humax is the most unreliable Tivo with a DVD player/recorded built in? Is that true? I like to have a DVD player/Tivo in each TV watching room, but don't know if I should look at replacing my Humax with a Pioneer. I really like the Pioneer but don't know if it is a better machine. There certainly aren't as many Pioneers out there for replacement parts. I have two none lifetimed Humaxs right now for replacement parts and no Pioneers.
    Are Toshibas DVD/Tivos a better bet as far as reliablility?
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    I own one of each of the DVD/TiVo combos, and IMHO, the Pioneer has the best picture quality. It is a 2xx level Tivo, which means it is a little faster the 5xx level TiVos. The Toshiba and Humax TiVos are 5xx level Tivos, otherwise known as the Series 2.5. These have slower response times to the remote and IMHO fuzzier picture quality when compared to the Pioneers.

    The Toshiba and Humax Tivos are basically identical. They will run each other's software, but will fail on a version upgrade. Running the Toshiba software in a Humax will not give it a Tivo Basic subscription.

    As with any Tivo, the failure points are the hard drive and the power supply. Next, would be the DVD burner, which won't last forever.

    The biggest problem with the Pioneers, however, is the DVD burner. These have a special firmware load and cannot be replaced with a standard DVD burner. You have to get a donor burner from another Pioneer TiVo.

    The DVD burner in the Toshiba and Humax TiVos can be replaced with a standard DVD burner, but you have to find an older one. Some of the newer models don't work. It has to have the IDE interface. Most new DVD burners have the SATA interface. I have been successful in replacing the burner in both the Toshiba and Humax Tivos.

    A successful replacement for me is: The DVD burner will both read DVDs and write DVDs.

    Also, the power supply in the DVD TiVos is pretty unique. Finding a replacement can be expensive. Since the Toshiba and Humax TiVos are the same, their power supplies are interchangeable.

    I really like the Pioneer TiVos, but the Toshiba might give you the best option for fixing it down the road. (I have a stockpile of Pioneer TiVos so I can rebuild my TiVos when they start to fail.)

    Hope this helps,
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    Feb 20, 2011
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    I too have been stock piling Toshibas and Humaxs. I have a one Toshiba that lock up when accessing the DVD and says error code 109. Then the TV screen goes blank and it wouldn't do anything without a reboot. Even before that it doesn't respond to any remote control. U have to use the front buttons.
    I only have one Pioneer DVD/DVR that I use in the front room.

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