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  1. KDeFlane

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    Jan 29, 2014
    Silicon Valley
    I like to channel-flip and play "ID the movie from this screen shot" and try to name all the actors I recognize. Well, this weekend, I caught Hugh Jackman in "The Fountain" (2006) and I forgot how to spell Rachel Weisz's name, so I opened the guide... but the guide told me i was watching "The Fountain" from 1934! The man ages well.
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  2. dadrepus

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    Jan 4, 2012
    After all he is the "Wolverine".
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  3. tomhorsley

    tomhorsley Well-Known Member

    Jul 22, 2010
    I was looking for cheesy old movies to record and found "The Cremators" sci-fi flick listed on TCM in the schedule info, so said go ahead and record it. Turns out what TCM was showing was a foreign film named "The Cremator" (no s), and the time was wrong, because the recording started in the middle of the film.
  4. sharkster

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    Jul 3, 2004
    Ugh! I hate that, especially when you don't always get to the program until down the road and sometimes, by that time, there are no more airings to record.
  5. Mikeguy

    Mikeguy Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2005
    I'm hoping that my scheduled TiVo recording for "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" (1961) ("A grieving surgeon reanimates the brain of his fiancée who was decapitated in a car wreck and makes plans to graft her onto another woman's body") goes off without a hitch--I just couldn't resist. :p
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  6. sharkster

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    Jul 3, 2004
    Yeah, that's insane.

    I probably wouldn't be able to resist it, either. :D
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  7. Furmaniac

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    Apr 3, 2018
    I get JLTV which is a Jewish Channel and they run a 1/2 hour comedy show called Laughter in Paradise with stand-up comedians. TiVo continuously lists it as a 1951 movie called Laughter in Paradise.
  8. tapokata

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    Apr 26, 2017
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    Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 2.09.29 PM.png

    Oh, Alfred. You've grown so young... and portly.
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