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    I am wanting to connect my roamio pro to the internet with moca, but only have on cable connection in my apartment. It is in the living room, but I have my Tivo in the bedroom. Can I connect my roamio to moca using an adapter? I already have a cable line running from my living room to my bedroom, but again it is all on the same connection. I tried this before when I first moved in, but did it with two adapters on the same line. Comcast cut my connection as they said there was noise in the line.

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    MoCA *can* work, but only if the locations are connected via coax. If Comcast severed the connection between your rooms due to “noise,” they have a responsibility to repair that break ... because what was most likely needed was to isolate your apartment’s coax from the rest of the building using a MoCA filter on the input of a splitter serving *just* the coax line(s) to your apartment. (see this prior post for some background)
    Can you detail how your two rooms are currently connected via coax? What line did Comcast actually cut? (Are you still using Comcast, for Internet or TV?)
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    I think the answer is yes but there may be other factors you didn't mention.
    You need a MOCA POE filter to prevent MOCA signals from leaving your apartment and messing up the cable system (and letting your neighbors on your network). This filter needs to be the first thing connected to the incoming cable feed.
    The Roamio pro is already MOCA capable (no Moca adaper needed at that end).
    Where the cable feed enters the apartment (living room?) you still need a modem and router (for internet) plus a MOCA adapter. Some gateways or routers include an internal MOCA adapter. if not, you'll need to connect the MOCA adaptor to your router (or a switch) with an ethernet cable and to the incoming coax cable using a splitter to feed the both your modem plus the MOCA adaptor from the incoming cable.
    The second cable connection on the MOCA adapter goes to the TV (bedroom?)
    I'm assuming you have internet service from your cable provider. Also be sure any splitter is rated for MOCA, many splitters block the MOCA frequencies.
    Of course, you'll need to repeat the network part of the Roamio setup to use the MOCA connection.
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    p.s. So it sounds like you probably had a successful MoCA connection, back then, but lacked a "PoE" MoCA filter (a MoCA filter installed at *your* signal point-of-entry) to isolate your coax plant and MoCA network from the provider and your neighbors. (i.e. Comcast viewed your MoCA signals as noise and took the easy way out, rather than fixing the issue.)

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