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    Sep 15, 2011
    I'm cleaning up the house Coax cabling trying to get MoCA to work at all our new TiVo Mini locations. (Not working at all outlets for some reason)
    Currently we have a 1 into 4 amplified drop splitter in the mix. (We had previously had some TV signal strength problems). Should I continue using this? Does it affect MoCA? If it does affect MoCA, can I just use this splitter with out the power unit? (not even sure if that works or not).

    Thanks for any guidence?
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    See these two posts in a parallel thread with a similar situation, including a couple diagrams for alternatives to amplifying the incoming cable signal if you only need the cable signal at one or two wall outlets... and MoCA connectivity at the others.

    post #4
    post #14
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    Nov 25, 2003
    But to directly answer your question, yes, that powered amplifier is quite likely not designed for MoCA and could affect your MoCA signals; and, no, disconnecting power from the amp would not improve MoCA performance.

    That said, you'd need to describe your total setup (devices, plus coax and Ethernet connections, ideally diagrammed) to be able to state whether the amp is the biggest contributor to your issues.

    >See here< for MoCA-compatible parts, including "designed for MoCA" amps.
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