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    So, I have a Roamio plus 6 tuner. It says MoCA on the back. I want to use a MoCA network. I purched a MoCA router on ebay but dont have anything hooked up in my new house. After reading some on connections, did I need the MoCA router? does the Roamio act as the hub of the network?

    In addition, I have two Premiere units. As far as I know they do not say MoCA. but the Tivo Website says some Premieres are. Are the compatible units marked?
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    You got an SBG-6782?

    It's a fine router.

    Make sure all the lights 'lock on' to the Cable signal. I've seen a few where they can't stay connected.

    They work great as a MoCA Bridge to connect all your MoCA devices together and to the internet.

    I prefer to not use a TiVo as the bridge.

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    There are 2 modes for MoCa, Host and Client. For the Roamio (or any other device) to be host, it needs to be connected with both coax and ethernet cable.

    The only Premiere that has MoCa capability is the 4 tuner, cable only, Premiere 4, 4XL models.
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    In direct answer to your question: NO, you do not need a MoCA router if your TiVo DVR has built-in MoCA (and your 6-tuner Roamio does). Any TiVo DVR that has built-in MoCA capabilities can act as either a MoCA Bridge or client (but the Mini is not a DVR, and it can only function as a MoCA client). To be configures as a MoCA Bridge, a TiVo DVR must have BOTH a wired Ethernet connection AND a shared coax connection. Other TiVo devices need only one or the other for network communication (assuming they are MoCA capable).

    In fact, if you want to use that new MoCA router, you MUST make sure that you do NOT configure two devices on your network as MoCA bridges, so either leave it OFF in the router, or make sure the Roamio is configured only as a MoCA client.

    If your Premiere DVRs do not have built-in MoCA, you will need a separate stand-alone MoCA adapter at each box IF you want to connect them with MoCA. But realize that you do NOT need to use MoCA for all devices. Once you have a MoCA bridge configured on your network, all devices will work together using either Ethernet or MoCA connections, just like wireless devices work together with wired devices.
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