MOCA Network Setup all of a sudden not working

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Shave Jacket, May 22, 2020.

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    Hello All,
    So with the help of @krkaufman in the following thread I got my Tivo Bolt and Mini's successfully setup over a Moca Network.
    New TiVo User Questions about CableCards/Provider

    This was over a year ago and everything has been working perfectly fine all that time until a few days ago. I noticed my minis had no connection to the Bolt and thus I couldn't watch tv in the master bedroom. I noticed on my Motorola MOCA adapter than the LAN light was out so I ordered a new one thinking maybe that was the issue. Well it came in today and I hooked it up and now all three lights on the adapter are lit but I'm still having trouble setting up the connection via MOCA. The issue comes when the setup asks how do you want Tivo to obtain an IP address? I choose get automatically but thats when I get C12 and C24 errors. I have no idea why this won't work all of a sudden as I have not touched a single thing in the entire setup. Any recommendations on how to troubleshoot/fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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    Before you buy new equipment/parts, start by shutting everything on the network down and power up one by one starting with the modem until its operational, then move to the next. This includes the Moca adapters.
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