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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by ZenGorilla, Feb 20, 2020.

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    I just purchased a Bolt and a Bridge to create a MoCa network so I can still use my Roamio plus. The TiVo product page for the Bridge says: "Do you have multiple TiVo devices? Want to network them all together seamlessly? Simply connect the TiVo-renewed Bridge to your home’s existing coax wiring or ethernet and create a lightning-fast network. All of your TiVo devices will receive TV signals and a full set of advanced TiVo features through your home network."

    Will I need a second cable card for the second TiVo? If so, what is the value of the MoCa network?
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    Yes, you need a cable card to access the cable channels. MoCa is just networking over the coax lines and does not interfere with TV signals.
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    You'll also need a very long cable if you're using Moca on a cable car.
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    If the OP has a Bolt and a Roamio does he need MOca? Im assuming he has a cable feed at each box and can use wifi on both. Why create the network?
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    Honestly, MoCA works much better with the buses and light rail. The cable cars are mostly just a tourist attraction.
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    MoCA is a data protocol that lets you transfer and stream between Tivos without Ethernet wiring between them. It will allow you to transfer or stream content recorded on the second Tivo at the first Tivo. If you want to record on the second Tivo you'll need a second cablecard. Depending on whether the second Tivo has a lifetime subscription you may be better off just replacing it with a mini and streaming from the first device. If not, you can always forego the cablecard and just stream/transfer at the second device.
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    Ethernet or MoCA(coax networking) are required for Multi-Room Streaming (MRS), at least per official requirements. (Alternatives can be used provided sufficient throughput and latency.)
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    I was assuming too much. I.E. his cable provider and internet provider are one and the same. And during installation all cable access led back to the gateway. Wouldn't that give him box to box access of shows? I may be leaving out the streaming component.
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    The only value of MoCA is to simply network your TiVo box in a location where there is no wired Ethernet connection available to your LAN.

    And you may not need that extra MoCA Bridge that you bought. Any Bolt that uses a cable card already has a MoCA Bridge built into the hardware. In addition, any 6-tuner Roamio also already has built-in MoCA capabilities. The only reason you would need a stand-alone MoCA Bridge is if you do not have any other way to connect one of those TiVos to your LAN with an acceptable high speed Ethernet connection.

    If you do not want to stream video BETWEEN the two TiVo boxes, the there is absolutely NO value at all to enabling MoCA if you have a good wireless signal available.

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