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Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by RonJon, Oct 10, 2006.

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    Oct 9, 2006


    I have a 3-year-old DirecTV w/Tivo (Phillips) in our motorhome and get the signal via a roof mounted Motosat satellite. We travel and live in this coach fulltime. There's obviously no permanent phone hookup and we just call in when we can connect (parked in someone's driveway). It works.

    We started getting pixelation on several channels (recorded shows) and my assumption was to replace the unit.

    Now I find that some lawsuit has apparently separated DirecTV and Tivo. I was told that if I bought a DirecTV recorder that they may be forced to close this aspect of their business down at any time.

    What to do? Must keep the wife happy!!!

    A. What can I buy for a replacement unit - no frills - just record some weekly shows but never download movies, sports, anything (remember, no phone cord).

    B. Can these units be fixed? If so, I'd appreciate contact info. I'm in the Dallas area.

    C. Alternative suggestions - I'm open.

  2. classicsat

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    DirecTV and TiVo haven't been invoved in lawsuits against one another. In fact their latest "agreement" precludes lawsuits (unless of course, I suppose, one party breaches the terms of the agreement).

    Your HDD likely is failing, and you can replace that.

    Otherwise, you can still get DirecTV TiVo DVRs from 3rd party sources, and DirecTV will still activate them.
  3. Dkerr24

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    No way Directv would in their right minds alienate several million of their subscribers and 'turn off' their DTivo boxes.
  4. WillowTheDog

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    Contrary to what DirecTV has told you in the past, there is no need for your DirecTivo to ever dial in, unless you order PPV via the remote which you obviously don't do. You will get daily nag messages, but you must be used to this by now.

    Sounds like a dying hard drive. See below.

    Whoever told you this is WRONG (even DirecTV employees seem to give out bad information on this topic). DirecTV is no longer manufacturing integrated Tivo units. They have begun making their own DVR (which most people on this forum think is way inferior). If you order a new DVR from DirecTV, you will NOT get a Tivo. However, DirecTV and Tivo recently extended their contract for supporting existing customers for several years. And I'm sure it will continue beyond that. (Heck, UltimateTV units are still working!).

    You can buy a new DirecTivo unit from places like Weeknees (a forum sponsor) or a used unit off eBay. You can also buy a pre-formatted hard drive from Weeknees that you just plop into your system (you will obviously lose all previously recorded shows). If you are more PC savvy, you can buy a cheap hard drive at your local electronics store, buy the appropriate Tivo image from PTVUpgrade (search for "InstantCake"), and then do it yourself. It's not hard, and it's definitely the cheapest solution for you.

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