MLB extra innings, Spectrum, and cable cards

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    Spectrum tells me that this year they cannot activate MLB extra innings channels on the TiVos/cable cards (only on their own boxes). I have heard this from multiple Spectrum reps. In past years, I have been able to watch the games on the TiVos, but the reps tell me that a policy change makes it impossible for them to activate the package.

    Has anyone successfully installed MLB extra innings channels on their TiVos?

    I even spoke with a cable card expert (Buffalo office) who tried to activate it (by adding the MLB code to the occurrence for each cable card), but no luck. Spectrum says it only works on 2-way devices, and the cable card is a 1-way device.

    Thanks for any help!
    Gary, Spectrum Kansas City
    2 Bolts, 1 premier, and 1 roamio

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