Missing Show Data on Certian Channels

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by cybah, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Ok I have an odd problem.

    I'm missing show information in the guide on certain channels. It's not all shows on that channel, just certain shows.

    For example.. (an actual example)

    WCVBDT (Ch 805) - Weekday

    7AM - Good Morning America
    8AM - Good Morning America
    9AM - Live! With Kelly
    10AM - The Nate Berkus Show
    11AM - <No Title> <No Description>
    12PM - NewsCenter 5 at Noon
    1PM - The Chew

    That 11AM show is "The View"

    I can search for "The View" and see it. But when I try to set a Season Pass, it never gives me the confirmation screen, it just bumps me back to the show info page.

    This happens on both ch 805 (WCVBDT) and ch 5 (WCVB - Analog). And depending on how many times i try, my Tivo might freeze for a few minutes and/or spontaneously restart.

    Now I just setup a manual recording (which is annoying because it doesn't show any info.. which I miss).

    But now I am starting to notice it's doing it with other shows on other channels. For example I went to setup a season pass at for CSI on USAHD (835). It does the same thing.

    The more I scroll through the guide the more blank place holders I see.

    I don't think its Comcast, as I can record just fine off the channel (either as a manual recording OR a show that does have proper program data)

    Any suggestions or comments? Its really annoying because I can't record certian shows.. CSI on USA being one since the time varies from day to day when it's on, so a manual record won't work. I've re-run guided setup and cleared all my settings a few times but does not work. I'm getting frustrated....


    EDIT: On the USA Example, it ONLY happens on 835 USAHD, but not 035 USASD.
  2. hasservision

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    I'm no expert, but that sounds like some sort of a bug in the tivo's program guide gathering process. Is your Tivo networked, or are you receiving info through a phone line?
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