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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by StarkNaked, Jan 22, 2012.

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    First off, I want to give CRXSSI a big shout out and a thank you for the work he's doing keeping track of the changes to Rev 20.

    I'm not sure my question is part of that change so I'll start a new thread.

    Premire XL - Rev 20.2-01-2-748 - Comcast Digital Cable w/ MCard

    Missing screen in Find Programs......:mad:

    Using SDUI - When I went to "Find Programs" and selected "Search by Title" it used to give me a screen that had options: All - Movies - Sports - Kids - Etc.

    If I chose Sports, it would then give me a new screen where I could choose what specific sport I wanted to find. Then it would give me every listing of every new program for that sport in the next 2 weeks.

    Now if I choose Search by Title, it goes straight to the screen where I can start typing.

    Where did those screens go and what can I do to get them back!!!
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    You can still switch to the SDUI to use those old screens. Or, in the HDUI, go to Find > Browse TV & Movies and then Sports. That's about as close as you can get.
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    In the HDUI hit the A button to bring up options under search. Then the last option, category, gives you the various options like sports, tv shows, movies, etc.
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    With 20.2 those options have been removed completely from SDUI. You have to go to HDUI and choose "A" button to get similar options (which if using original glo remote you don't even have available).
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    Ok, oops, that's what I get for not fact-checking my posts. :eek:

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