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    Jul 18, 2005


    Hello all. I just up graded to a new computer and installed it on my home net work. Got Tivo desktop up and running, everything is working fine. The only thing that is not working is. I can't get my hard drive to saw up in the "Now Playing menu" , My other Tivo's show up but not my hard drive. What should I do to get it to show up again. Thanks
  2. jkalnin

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    Jan 8, 2003
    Warrington, PA
    Make sure your PC is running Tivo desktop. Open Tivo desktop then start/resume the server. This should bring it up on the tivo Now Playing menu.

    Sometimes the PC crashes or the software gets glitchy and you need to stop the server, quit Tivo Desktop, and start it up again. Do it all on the PC and make sure Tivo Desktop can see the Tivo.

    Hope thats all there is to it. Good luck
  3. bubba1972

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    Mar 28, 2005
    My Tivoserver flakes out occasionally as well. I have found that the easiest thing to do is create a shortcut on my desktop to TivoServer.exe. It is located in c:\program files\TiVo\Desktop\TiVoServer.exe. This way you can easily restart it without the hassle of launching the TivoDesktop interface. The entry for you computer in your Now Playing list will return about 10 seconds after the server kicks off and the Tivo icon is displayed in the tool tray on the bottom right corner of your PC desktop.

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