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  1. Tucker2

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    Dec 6, 2006


    Has anyone else noticed that the ends of a lot of recorded programs are cut off? It happens a lot on the half hour and hour programs and is pretty irritating. Yes I know how to add extra time to the end of recordings and always do this for recording things like NASCAR and such. It just seems that on some programs that aren’t preceded by live events we seem to miss the last 30 to 60 seconds or so when they show upcoming previews. It’s almost like the system clock is off by 30 or 60 seconds. I checked the system time and it is about right with Internet time so I’m not sure what the problem is.

    It would be a pain to add two minutes to each program we record and seems like an unnecessary step. I’m sure this would play havoc with programming that follows if it was on a different channel. The start of the programs seems to be OK, it’s just the end that gets cut off. We are using a fairly new THR22-100 but this was also happening with our older legacy (as tech support likes to call them) SD units prior to the THR22.

    Any body else having this problem? In a search, this seems to have been a problem years ago but I couldn’t find any recent posts on it.
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    This is nothing new. Networks don't end programs at exactly the correct time.
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    It's a ploy by the networks to get more people watching live. They know that TiVo/DVR users are far more likely to skip commercials (especially with the Hopper controversy!), so they do it on purpose to mess with scheduling in the hope that users will decide to watch live instead of timeshift.

    Another trick is by using Twitter and getting the stars to tweet live during a show (even a drama).
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    I’m not sure if my answer is in the IdetteCalge response or not and Google translation was no help although it was entertaining to listen to the voice as Google translation spoke the words. Thanks anyway.
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    There's also the fact that DirecTV transmissions are slightly behind the time they're supposed to be (speed of light and, I assume, compression time). If a show has a tendency to run right up to the scheduled end, it's generally best to extend the recording by a minute, maybe two.
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    Your local OTA station also gets their material by satellite. I doubt you'd be able to detect the 24 millisecond delay for a satellite round trip. The real problem is that networks are, nowadays, running a bit past the scheduled times as a way of deterring channel-surfing (and maybe DVRs.) Some networks are worse at this than others. Doing a soft pad by a couple of minutes is a good idea, nonetheless.

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