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    I have a Bolt 6 tuner model. I am with Cox in Phoenix and recently added the Variety pack to my subscription. But those channels only work some of the time. I have never been able to consistently tune to them. If one goes out another will come in. Cox has replaced everything coax, splitters, T/A, cable cards multiple times. Called Tivo today and they said my SNR is too high but Cox says its within their specs and cannot lower it. Cox recommending replacing the box. I have a new box being sent to me but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or am I missing something, I feel I have checked absolutely everything. Any insight would be appreciated.

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    I think you can install something on your coax line to reduce the signal level. Tivos have a thing where if the signal is too strong they don't work.

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    I, and others around here, have also found our incoming signal is too strong. It's an easy fix. You add attenuators to reduce the incoming signal to levels your TiVo needs.

    Attenuators come in several configurations. I bought a variety pack that contained -3, -6 and -12 attenuators and then I just mix and match to get the desired signal level. Cost was under $20.

    You probably don't have any attenuators on hand. A quick hack is to daily-chain one or more splitters. Know how the outputs on a splitter say -3.5 ard/or -7? That's doing the same thing an attenuator does. So, if you've got a few old splitters laying around you can daisy-chain them to see if it helps reduce your signal. Ultimately you'll want to use attenuators though.

    Use the TiVo's Diagnostic's page to check your signal levels. I like to put my TiVo's six tuners on the channels we watch the most and then use the Diagnostic's page to check signal levels on each tuner.

    TiVo recommends 35 dB. I check signal strength too. I've gotten good results with signal strength readings of 90 to 95%. Signal strength and dB ratings will rise and fall together. You certainly don't want signal strength readings of 100% since that may mean 105, 110, 115...who knows.

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