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    I was watching my mini in my bedroom last night. It kept losing connection with my network and or my main roamio box. It was losing connection every 2 or so minutes . I would just start getting in to my show and it would lose connection,I would have to reconnect with main box . It would connect easily but got to be annoying. I just bought and hooked up this mini a week ago,I used the ethernet cable connection(I went though hell to run that cable crawling on my knees though cobwebs in the attic and more cobwebs in the basement crawlspace), So why is my mini losing connection when it is wired directly to my router? As I'm writing this post and watching tv on my main tivo box it is losing connection , It is wireless I have and ethernet cable that I can hook up that is allready ran from my router to the main tivo box to see if that will solve me from losing connection. thanks for any input you can give me.
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    Both Mini and Tivo DVR needs to be on either MoCa or Ethernet.

    You also need to have the Network settings for ethernet in the DVR. It will use wifi if it is set that way and there is not enough bandwidth on wifi to support Mini.

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