Mini frequently loses contact with the Roamio

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by triglyph, Dec 1, 2015.

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    I have the Mini in a separate office out back. It's connected to the Roamio in the house by the same ethernet network I use for connecting all the computers and devices.

    The Mini frequently loses the connection to the Roamio and either I can't watch programs stored on Tivo and can watch live TV (sometimes) or I can't watch either of them (most often). This is not connected to any loss of internet service — internet and wireless continue working fine when the Mini loses the connection.

    Usually I can cure this by going inside and restarting the Roamio and the network and then restarting the ethernet hub and the Mini. Very time consuming. I'd love to connect the Roamio and Mini directly with an ethernet cable, but then there's no port to connect the Roamio to the internet.

    Any thoughts on how to improve this situation?
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    Use fixed IP addresses?
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    You seem to describing a situation where you are watching TV from the Mini and it dies. If this is correct, something may be wrong with a hardware component, like a bad cable or connector.

    If you find, after the Mini has been idle for a while and you can't establish a connection, that's where you run into the problem (I feel) of a TiVo being not happy when its IP address changes. As was posted, a fixed IP address is one route. I have my TiVo devices, which includes two Mini and one Premiere and one Raomio all connected wirelessly but with reservations. I keep HDCP active on everything. I don't use reservations for everything either. I have two TVs, one Blu-Rays and a laptop that are free to find an address. But this computer, my AVR and another Blu-ray that are fed from a range extender and they have reservations.

    Also, to see if your IP address had changed, just check the network screen.

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