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    I just purchased a Samsung outdoor TV. The TV has a closed storage compartment, which is great because my Mini Lux fits inside there and it keeps the Lux out of the elements. However, although the TiVo remote works fine because it's paired with the Mini, the Samsung remote won't control the Mini I guess it's because it's not in line of sight. I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done to make this work. For example, does anyone know if the Samsung One remote is able to control the Mini over WiFi or if there is a way to have the Samsung voice control features work for a device that is not in line of sight? I'm just trying to avoid having to use two remotes. While the TiVo remote can control the Samsung power and sound, it isn't able to access the TV's smart TV functions - for that I need the Samsung remote. Anyone have any suggestions?

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