Migrating from S2 & Tube TV to TIVO HD and 42" LCD how to get best picture?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Microman66, Nov 30, 2007.

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    Wifes Aunt wanted a new an larger tv, when she saw my setup. We went to costco, and bought a 42" Vizio LCD tv. Havent hooked up the Tivo HD yet.

    S2 Recordings never looked great before on the tube tv, now, of course they look larger but not great still.

    They have a cable co. (Think its Time Warner), in a retirement community that doesnt seem to scamble their cable. So everything comes into the TV tunver or S2 Tivo, and we just scan or choose that cable co. But the picture is not that great.

    How should I approach this setup, for HDTV for best picture.

    When we did a SCAN of channels on the 42" Vizio, we got a lot of channels, both Analog, and Digital. Should I look for a channel guide and then eliminate the duplicates that are in less than HD?

    And on the S2 we took the best VIdeo out, and that was S-Video, currently without the Tivo HD setup, the best video we have is RCA coming out of the S2 to the Vizio 42" at AV2.

    Any suggestions would be welcomed.


    I mean if we are recording bad signal, it doesnt matter if it's HD or what cable it comes over on., They don't have an OTA antenna to choose from, I believe, since they may not allow them. Not sure. But I use on my system the OTA antena for locals.

    I guess the TIVO HD, offers and is more flexible than S2. ANd I am thinking of upgrading their HD in the Tivo HD, to give it some more room.
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    The TiVoHD will get the digital channels that are there, but you need to get a cablecard to map them so guide features work.

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