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    Hi ALL,

    I finally got around to watching most of the last season (in the US) of MI-5. These were the episodes that were shown on A&E in an 8 hour block. I only have two new episodes left.

    I know I labeled the thread with "spoilers" but just in case.

    THEY KILLED FIONA!!! I know they've killed off prime characters before but this one was totally unexpected, at least to me!!!

    This was such a great show. Does anyone know if there will be more new episodes in the US. BBCA is showing older episodes, but I would like to see some new ones.

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    It was so long between seasons and they killed off or wrote off so many primary characters that we gave up on this show after the second or third season. It was an OK show, and it we would have gotten episodes more than once every 18 months or so we might have kept up with it.

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