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Discussion in 'TiVo Upgrade Center' started by ggieseke, May 10, 2015.

  1. gabrielstern

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    Aug 18, 2017


    The mmfs tools 3.2 method is intended for bolts and romios for hard drives over 8tb.

    Same with mffs reformattor that is intended for hard drives between 4 and 8tbs.

    If it is just a 2tb hard drive the bolt will auto format automatically on hard drives up to 3 tabs.

    Same with romios.

    Hope this answers your question

    And clears up any confusion.
  2. Trey1234

    Trey1234 New Member

    Nov 18, 2020
    Well I don't want to lose my recordings/cable card pairing. I know if I slap a new drive in the bolt it will format it and give me a fresh start but that's not what I wanted. I was hoping to follow the steps in the previous post to copy my 500gb drive (and all existing data/settings) to the new drive. THEN expand the new drive to the maximum storage of 2tb.
  3. gabrielstern

    gabrielstern Member

    Aug 18, 2017
    You can use kttmg to back up all recordings and settings such as one passes to a computer.

    Personally I prefer to use tivo py to back up recordings, and transfer back but you would need to then manually mark which recordings are one pass and reset them up trust me a clean install works best.

    You can get tivo py or kttmg right from the link in the tivo comunity forum.

    Their might be a way with mffs tools 3.2 but I am just not sure what if any commands there.

    You may want to reach out to jmbach for that information, on if he has developed a process and knows the commands to copy over a bolt or romio under 4tbs.

    You also have to remember if you don't do it right with bolts you will lose all settings and recordings.

    That's why either way you need to back up your recordings. Settings and one passes are easy to reset up.
  4. gabrielstern

    gabrielstern Member

    Aug 18, 2017
    Also one other question is your bolt since you said it has a 500 gig drive.

    Is it running te3 or Quattro with the blue graphics or hydra?

    Also is it a vox or non vox model?

    If it is a non vox and you upgraded to hydra.

    Then and it is revertable back to te3 you would lose all settings regardless.

    But I would still reach out jmbach, regardless to see if using mffs tools 3.2 you can still transfer everything in case but regardless you still need to back everything up to a computer.

    But with hydra it gets even trickier because you can't transfer a recording directly and unless kttmg can do it you can't transfer a recording back to a device running hydra from a computer.

    You would have to transfer the recordings first to another tivo that is not running hydra.

    Then use tivo online to transfer it over to your intended target tivo.
  5. jmbach

    jmbach der Neuerer

    Jan 1, 2009


    If you are wanting to maintain recordings and cableCARD pairing, use MFSTools to copy the drive.

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  6. gabrielstern

    gabrielstern Member

    Aug 18, 2017
    So mffs tools 3.2 can copy a 500 gig bolt drive to a 2tb.

    Was not sure even though it is not my tivo.

    Could you post the commands for the person that needs assistance or is it available directly on the mffs tools 3.2 forum.

    For those that have romios or bolts and wish to copy to drives under 4 tbs
  7. mattack

    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    Except protected recordings.
    Except many recordings will have glitches when you download them to the computer (TS recordings, needed for basically any HD channel nowadays AFAIK, will have glitches in them due to bugs on the Tivo end).
  8. gabrielstern

    gabrielstern Member

    Aug 18, 2017
    That's why tivo py is great for sending them back it defragments and rearranges the files when you send them back.

    But not everyone likes to due things with clean software installs with romios and bolts, and just reformatt a big hard drive and then send the recordings back.

    For me if I need to back up recordings and season passes I create another hard drive in my romio or my series 4 with the romio as bieng the preffered device, and the computer as secondary.
  9. Trey1234

    Trey1234 New Member

    Nov 18, 2020
    That's what I want. If I use these commands from user njweb (Post#1492 in this thread on the previous page) will I be successful? I know that the sdX and sdY in his example may be different drive designations on my end. My Bolt is a plain old Bolt 500gb (no vox) with TE3. It may have come with TE4 when I got it refurb from Tivo but I downgraded to TE3 I believe. I am copying it to a 2tb or smaller harddrive.

    mfscopy -am 2040 /dev/sdX /dev/sdY (This is to copy my current 500gb drive to the new drive)

    mfsadd -xcm 2040 /dev/sdY (This is to create a partition that will use the remainder of the drive for additional recording capacity)
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  10. ggieseke

    ggieseke Well-Known Member

    May 30, 2008
    In your case you don't need the "m 2040" modifier to the mfscopy command, or the mfsadd command to create another partition. That's for drives over 4TB.

    mfscopy -a /dev/sdX /dev/sdY will copy and expand your current drive in one step.
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  11. gabrielstern

    gabrielstern Member

    Aug 18, 2017

    Even if you did upgrade to hydra but did not downgrade yet still attempt to follow the commands outlined for mffs. 3.2

    that way your settings and pairings are preserved then you can use tivo py or kttmg to back up your recordings and with kttmg your one passes. If you need to

    Then you can just go to the forum for rolling back a romio from hydra. Which also works for bolts.
  12. gabrielstern

    gabrielstern Member

    Aug 18, 2017

    The easiest way to know if you are still running te3 is by the screen background is it a blue background and if you can connect to another tivo and play a show does it offer the transfer a recording directly option.

    If the answer is yes on either of the 2 or both you are running te3.

    Just remember then on the app screen to ignore the get better tivo experierience.

    You will be doing yourself a huge favor.
  13. njweb

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    Aug 23, 2015


    Just saw your post now. To answer your question, I used MFSTools: see my post here.
    DIY 10TB Roamio
    IMPORTANT - Note step 12 in the post linked above, should be "Repeat step 10 (mfsadd) and step 11 (mfsaddfix) (ONE more time) to get to my total of 8 TB of space." (My original steps noted "two more times", but jmbach confirmed for 8TB, I only need to run those commands a total of two times and since I already had them listed once in steps 10 and 11, I only needed to run the mfsadd and mfsaddfix commands ONE more time in step 12).

    The upgrade worked fine using the above steps. However, I had neglected to perform a 'kickstart 58' and, apparently as a result, after a few weeks of completing the upgrade, I noticed my ONLY issue - the EPG (TV guide grid) data had stopped getting refreshed - all channels were showing "to be announced" in the program guide; i.e. guide data ran out....

    I resolved that as follows:
    Roamio guide showing "to be announced" on all channels in grid!
    To try to fix this:
    I first tried connecting to TiVo service but it fails on the final step.
    I then (before I found out that it was a known bug, with TE3 at least) tried the 'Reset to Defaults' > 'Clear Guide Data and To Do List', but it got stuck...<< do NOT do this if you have TE3 (no idea why TiVO did not disable this 'clear guide and...' feature in TE3 since it does not work and soft bricks the TiVO when using TE3).
    Anyway, based on a post here, to get out of being stuck (soft bricked) on the "Clearing Guide data & the To Do List... This may take up to an hour" message, I performed a kickstart 57 and that got me back to being able to view TV (recordings are also intact) in under an hour; also, after an hour or so of completing the kickstart 57, the guide data came back and has been fine since then (that was back in Jan!). :)

    Good luck whichever tool you choose (MFS Reformatter or MFS Tools)!
  14. gabrielstern

    gabrielstern Member

    Aug 18, 2017
    That was for user trey 1234 I was just offering some assistance.

    Thankfully jmbach and ggieseke jumped in and gave him the correct commands for mffs tools 3.2, as he wants to copy and expand from a 500 gig to a 2tb.

    And did not want to just back everything up and

    Let the bolt auto format.

    As for me I have also had some issues with te3 but not like when I was running hydra.

    At first my romio and bolt worked well with hydra

    But gradually it got worse and worse and first overwhelmed my romio and then it overwhelmed my bolts so I downgraded after I backed everything up.

    For me I prefer the mfs reformattor method and a clean install.

    But mffs tools 3.2 has its purpose too and is great for making 6tb and 8tb series 4 drives.

    And 3 and 4tb drives for series 4 tivos.

    But with that I like to use jmfs first to expand to a 1tb and 2tb image then use mffs tools 3.2 to expand further with those images.

    As for using mffs tools 3.2 for my romios and bolts that will happen when I upgrade to a 10 tb drive which is a few years off.
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