MFS Reformatter (mfsr)

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  1. aaronwt

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    Jan 31, 2002
    Good luck with that. That should be another SMR drive like most of the 2.5" Seagates.
    Make sure you transfer any content you want to keep regularly to a PC from that TiVo drive. For if/when you have some issues.
  2. barnabas1969

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    Aug 22, 2013
    Thanks. After doing a lot of reading here, I plan on using the following...

    WD Red 3.5" 5400RPM 4TB WD40EFRX

    Hard drive enclosure, with SATA cable directly plugged into the drive (not using the eSATA port), and directly plugged into the SATA port inside the Tivo. I found a post that says this enclosure works...

    Plus, I need a long SATA cable with a 90 degree connector on one end (I've got plenty of those).

    Does that drive sound like a good choice?
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  3. net lander

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    Nov 11, 2018
    Thank you very much. Used MSFR, works well on my 8tb roamio. Donated via paypal.

    Using Settings --> Help --> System Info, for 8tb on roamio I now have: 1283 HD or 8845 SD hours capacity :D

    Thanks to all in tivo community. Extremely helpful.
    Linky for future travelers wanting bigger hard disk (more than 3tb):

    Use msfr if don't mind losing previous recording, easy to use with minimal steps...if done correctly, it'll said "Congratulations, it is successful" in the end :
    MFS Reformatter (mfsr)

    Use MFSTools if wanting content migration from previous HD to bigger (8tb or 10tb...):
    MFS Tools 3.2
    Sample of direction for 10TB on roamio via MFSTools:
    DIY 10TB Roamio
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  4. net lander

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    Nov 11, 2018
    I bought WD easystore, and it contain WD 8TB White (WD80EMAZ with S/N: 7SJNxxxx). What do u think of this drive compare to WD red or green?
  5. jmbach

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    Jan 1, 2009
    These drives were originally Red drives repackaged.

    I think they are fine and have 2 of them in use in my TiVos and 6 of them in my NAS unit.
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  6. Sonyad

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    Sep 2, 2014
    Get an sata extension cable. That way if you need to move things around, you can disconnect externally instead of having to open the Bolt or external enclosure to disconnect the drive.
  7. barnabas1969

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    Aug 22, 2013
    When I ordered everything, I bought a SATA extension cable and a SATA cable with a 90 degree connector on one end so that it could be disconnected without opening the external enclosure.

    However, after more research, I opted to do it a different way (link below). This method doesn't require me to drill holes in the Bolt, so my 24 month warrantee is preserved.

    Use the eSATA port with an external drive (up to 8TB DVR Expander) - simple method!

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