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  1. PSU_Sudzi

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    Jun 4, 2015
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    Has anyone received an error like this where it says there are duplicate programIDs? I wouldn't mind being able to see them and manually choose them but looks like this doesn't allow that.

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  2. dlfl

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    Here's what I get for the identical RPC search:

    Here is the total data obtained from from the RPC search:

    SNoneE[None]:tivo:cl.16990--tivo:ct.357083360%%The Hand of Saint Sebastian
    S1E[1]:tivo:cl.16990--tivo:ct.603800%%Pilot Episode
    S1E[3]:tivo:cl.16990--tivo:ct.674981%%Dead Letters
    S2E[1]:tivo:cl.16990--tivo:ct.642966%%The Beginning and the End
    S2E[2]:tivo:cl.16990--tivo:ct.759913%%Beware of the Dog
    S2E[3]:tivo:cl.16990--tivo:ct.762958%%Sense and Antisense
    S2E[11]:tivo:cl.16990--tivo:ct.356349433%%Good-bye Charlie
    S2E[20]:tivo:cl.16990--tivo:ct.356349464%%In Arcadia Ego
    S3E[22]:tivo:cl.16990--tivo:ct.356349435%%Good-bye to All That
    Only 11 episodes, which explains generally poor RPC programId performance. I see this series aired from 1996 to 1999 and shows only an Amazon DVD as a possible source. Do you have another source for this series on your TiVo? If so that probably explains ourr different RPC results. There may be a streaming source that I don't have enabled.

    In general (after doing a programId search using the correct seriesID) you can right-click on an episode in the MG3 season/episode tree and select "Get programId". This will present a number of candidate choices, based on episode-title matching, and you can select the one you think is the best match. The choice list also includes the series/episode number (per TiVo) and the last four digits of the associated programId, both of which can aid in your selection process. Unfortunately with the extremely sparse RPC data I get (see above) most of the episodes find no candidate matches.

    It would be interesting to see the total RPC results you get. You can easily generate a text file giving these results in you MG3 app data folder by going into MG3 settings tab, clicking "Outputs" and checking "Dump TV show RPC data to <title>.txt file, then do "Get programId's" again. Then you could attach that file to a post. Be sure to uncheck that setting when done, although it will automatically clear the next time you launch MG3.
  3. PSU_Sudzi

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    Jun 4, 2015
    Philly suburbs
    My source was a DVD rip to AVI that I converted to MP4s then ran MG3 and tried to match them up. I used the generic naming convention of show-ep num-title and found a similar number of matches that you did. Also reduced the fuzzy search to 0 and that popped out a few more episodes than with it defaulted to 70. What was interesting is that when I used pyTiVo to pull them from my PC the artwork came over which I had always been told was broken. I made sure even the ones that didn’t find matching titles had the same seriesID and that put them in the same folder too. So all is well that ends well but I ended up thinking the series felt dated and deleted them all so I can’t go back and check my results and post a log.

    I did try the method you suggested by right clicking on the episode and seeing if there is a match to programID but like you there were few if any matches. I seem to see others post you can programID from the TVDB or Zap2It but don’t know where to find them on their sites, do you?

    And thanks for all of you help and input!

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