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  1. gregftlaud

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    Jun 16, 2004
    I am with Mediacom cable and our tivo software is on 21.9.6 v6

    I know Mediacom's tivo software is 2-3months behind the Mediacom version. I find that mine is comparable to retail version 21.9.2 v4---when comparing features and glitches (live tv trickplay issues, paused buffer when switching tuners, issues deleting in myshows)

    I've been talking to Mediacom support. They told me they are in charge of their own tivo software. So I have been telling them about these glitches. But now (after no resolution) they want me to contact tivo support on the tivo website.

    Anyone know exactly how cable companines distribute tivo software.....does tivo create their software for them or does the cable company? Who to talk to when software glitch complaints don't get resolved?
  2. DeltaOne

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    Sep 29, 2013
    My guess is the support person is flat out wrong. I don't have any information on the relationship between companies like Mediacom and TiVo, but I find it highly unlikely these small cable companies invest the money or resources to take on a project like developing/modifying the TiVo software.
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    Feb 19, 2015
    My best guess is that the Mediacom folks got tired of your complaints and punted to Tivo just to get rid of's like when they schedule a Tech visit to get rid of you when they know the Tech can do nothing.
    My other best guess is that the Tivo software is delivered via contract but the changes are all "enable" or "disable" choices, any substantial modifications or adjustments will be done by Tivo after $$ are paid by the cable company.
  4. gregftlaud

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    Jun 16, 2004
    Oh yah, I know they are just trying to get rid of me the 'we'll send out a technician to replace the tivo" or "it's not our fault" Those are always the go to when they don't know how to fix an issue. Mediacom used to have really good support forums, but those went away a couple of years ago. It's impossible to interact with others that have Mediacom/Tivo. It's like they don't want a large group of their customers talking to each other to find common problems. Suppose that is b/c they can say whatever they want and claim an issue isn't theirs.

    This is why I read these forums and look for similiar glitches with the retail version. And considering, I'm seeing the same issue with past retail versions---then they are actual software issue. Wish this tivocommunity had cable company forums. I tried the dslreports one and reddit--but no luck.
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