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    Sep 9, 2018
    I'm hoping someone with more networking knowledge than myself can help me out. Long story short, I wanted to get rid of Mediacom's monthly modem bill, so I bought my own modem/router all in one around a year ago. I had to do some research at the time as I had to make sure it had MoCA technolgoy (I still not have a ton of familiarity with exactly how all of this works). I just know i needed it to make sure the multiroom DVR and some of the other features would work on our TIVO boxes.

    Anyway, I got a steal on a new router (Linksys EA8300) this week. My thinking was I could just bridge my gateway to turn off the wireless function and use it just as a modem and use this new router to give me better speed/range, and I like that it had USB for me to plug in portable hdd for my network. However, I'm now thinking I will lose the MoCA ability that comes with my modem? Is there any go around with this? Or would I have to buy a new MoCA adapter to make this all work with the new router? Sorry, hope i'm using all the correct terminology here :) Thanks in advance for any help!

    Current modem/router all in one is surfboard Sbg6782-ac. The new router sitting in the box still is linksys ea8300, I'm not exactly sure on the cable boxes I have (not home can get models later today),but I have what I would consider one main tivo box and then 2 more minis.
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    Correct, when the gateway is bridged it becomes a simple cable modem and so would lose its MoCA bridging functionality along with all the other router features.

    And, yes, you’d just need a standalone MoCA adapter at your modem/router location to bridge between the router’s Ethernet LAN and your coax lines. Depending on the MoCA adapter chosen (based on whether the adapter has a RF pass-through port or not), you may also require an additional MoCA-compatible splitter to connect both the modem and MoCA adapter to your coax plant.

    See the following for some MoCA adapter options...

    MoCA adapter shopping list
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    Feb 19, 2015
    I would consider returning your new router and investing in one or two, of these,
    and just sticking with your current gateway
    These would be good for internet speeds up to 150Mbps+ either wired or wireless and would surely give you the wifi coverage you would like.
    There are newer much more expensive versions of this type but you would also have to upgrade/add a MoCA 2.0 adapter in place of the gateway's MoCA 1.1.
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    Nov 25, 2003
    Note that the SBG6782-AC cable gateway is a MoCA 1.1 spec MoCA bridge, so the MoCA 1.1 WCB3000N recommended by @fcfc2 would be a good choice, both in terms of cost and relative to your current MoCA throughput (i.e. the same), regardless of which approach you opt for. (If used as a simple MoCA adapter, the WCB3000N's wireless features can be disabled via its configuration UI.)
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    I have a couple of these and dug through every possible setting but haven't figured out how to disable the wifi. Any tips?

    EDIT: Nevermind. Not exactly straight forward, but I found it:
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