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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by VK-30, Jul 2, 2011.

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    Hello. About a year ago, I noticed that the tivo desktop software stopped communicating with my TiVos, at which point I found kmttg, which works fine on both windows and linux.

    I noticed at about the same time that the my account section on the tivo website doesn't show any DVRs and a diffferent MAK than what the TiVos themselves show, and what's been typed into kmttg and phone apps like DVR Remote (Apple) and TiVo Remote (Android).

    Is this a phone call to TiVo or is there another way to get the web key on TiVo's site to match that in the actual TiVos?

    I'm not so sure it matters - if I simply find a web app I could remote schedule which is all that's missing, though I've considered a premiere.


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    Sounds like someone hijacked either your TiVos or your TiVo account.

    (or somehow you're logging on to someone else's TiVo account)

    I have no idea how someone would go about doing that, but your Tivos should get the Media Access Key from TiVo when they connect for program guide info. You get the Media Access Key from the TiVo website and enter it when you set up TiVo Desktop. If it doesn't match, TiVo Desktop may "see" your Tivos, but won't interact with them.

    Are all of your TiVos lifetimed, or are you making monthly payments?

    You need to get a sheet of paper, write down all of your TiVo Service Numbers, and get online or on the phone with TiVo Customer Service and get this straightened out.

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