Manually add videos, or not?

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    Hello All-

    So after reading tons of web pages, I remain confused. I upgraded the HD on my direcTivo a year ago via the instantcake software. It added a couple of hacks that make it possible to log into the box etc. Of course, it does not activate HMO - no TTG, No TivoBack, etc etc.

    My question is, is it possible to somehow manually add videos to the Tivo? I've seen web pages with many arcane steps to insert video into the MFS file system, etc & frankly that's wayyy too much work. I've also seen countless web pages that all go into gory detail on how to add videos via the Tivo desktop software.

    Is there a middle ground for the DirecTivos? I understand their anxiety regarding theft of the DSS service, but I'm looking to add content to the box, not take it off the box.


  2. stevel

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    Yes, it should be. mfs_ftp should do it with an .mpg file. You'll need further hacking to get that far - ask in the Underground forum section.
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    If you get mfs_ftp setup and running, then you can download nanVue and use that. I've been using that to convert videos to .ty files and then upload to my DTivo. Works great (after you get everything worked out). Really cool when you add a Torrent client that does RSS feeds for automatic download of TV Shows from the net, automatic converting and uploading via nanVue. Makes me almost question the need for DirecTV... :) (Almost, but not quite ;))

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