Man In The High Castle Season 4 (Spoilers)

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    Or just maybe they decided that they can keep the discussion going for years with this type of ending....what did it mean? I hated / loved it? Whatever. A nice tidy ending and discussion of the show just dies after a few days. Heck, we are STILL talking about the Soprano's ending or Lost's ending more than a decade later. The potential for future "deals" are left open too. Suppose five years from now AP decides they want to do a movie? With this still open ended, they can.

    I'm not defending the ending, as I've said I didn't like it either, but maybe there's a method to the madness as they say.
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  2. tomhorsley

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    I'm going with the theory the people coming through were all the alt-versions of the folks the Nazis exterminated (though why they'd want to come through is a separate question).
  3. Saturn_V

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    It's simpler to say that the Portal Refugees are a showrunner's just-in-case someone wanted a MIHC Season 5.

    I don't want a Season 5. I'm still ticked off they killed Tagomi. ;)
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    I've got to say I'm a bit disappointed in the ending. up until the opening of the portal it was fine. But then having those people come in, where on the other side did this large portal open? Wouldn't law enforcement or some military be more apt to be the first people through rather than a large group of everyday citizens? It made no sense to me.

    Aside from that it was a good show and I'm glad that Smith killed himself, though I feel bad for his family on the other Earth as they now have a missing father/husband with no explanation.

    Kido joining the Yakuza also was strange and out of character.
  5. Rob Helmerichs

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    Well, he was buying his son's life. That made sense to me.
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    Just finished this last night. I had avoided the spoilers. I am a bit relieved to read that most people felt the same way about the ending as I did. Seemed like a huge drop in quality and story telling compared to all the rest of the show/series.

    IMO the last scene (if they had to have one after the JSmith death, the planes turning around, and the BCR laying down arms) would have been best if the portal was bombed..........
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    Ending aside, it was a fantastic season.
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    I thought the ending was ok and to leave it open ended like that w/the people coming thru portable isn't all that surprising. Does that mean that in the other worlds they also built portals?

    I was surprised Kido wasn't killed by hanging or whatever. That was a bit fitting that he was stuck in the gas chamber room. Was it the same "comfortable" waiting room the Semites were taken into in S1 or different one? I recall the plastics on the seats + vent in ceiling.

    I too am annoyed that killed Tagomi (I got spoiled by that when I peeked in here) and that he never returned in the final season. He was one of the best characters on the show.

    I was satisfied that John Smith killed himself. Was surprised Helen went along for the train ride but she probably knew she'd probably die, as a result.

    I wonder if Childan's pass was really a forgery or if it was a case of the Japanese soldiers not wanting to let a gaijin onto the boat to Japan. When Yukiko suddenly showed up on the show, I kinda figured she was a love interest for Childan. It seemed like they set it up that way.
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