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    With football starting and the new fall season around the corner I decided to make the switch - the switch to cable and a Tivo Series 3.

    My S3 arrived a week ago and Wow! came to install my cable cards on Wednesday. The install was trouble-free once I convinced them to follow the directions and allow the CC firmware update to complete.

    My initial impressions are completely positive. Right from the start the S3 is an obvious improvement over the HR10-250. Higher resolution graphics give everything a better appearance and of course there are all the features that DirecTV still chooses not to allow - HMO, Amazon Unbox, TiVocast etc.

    The S3 OTA tuner is a vast improvement over the HR10-250. Channels that were unreliable due to multi-path problems on the HR10 have been virtually perfect on the S3. I've done setup for cable and antenna right now but I don't anticipate using the antenna option much since all our local HD channels (and all their sub-channels) are carried on cable.

    Wow's SD picture quality is as good as or better than DTV almost across the board - including those lowly analog channels. Years of turning down the bandwidth have caught up with DTV. The HD channels on Wow are better quality than DTV's MPEG2 HD channels on every channel I've compared. The days when I used to visit friends with cable and laugh at their picture quality are past.

    Right now I'm getting more HD content that I care about than I did with DTV. Once everything is rolled out on DTV I'll be missing a handful of HD channels I'd like to have, but I'll still be getting more HD movie channels (Starz and Encore) that I'd have to pay extra for with DTV and a handful of SD channels not available on DTV at all.
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    Thanks for the update. Wish they had WOW here.

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